Valiant’s NEW Moisture Meter launches onto the Market!

The beginning of the year saw the release ofValiants NEW Moisture Meter launches onto the Market Valiant Fireside’s new Moisture Meter with Colour Change Technology. Since the launch, sales of the New Moisture Meter have rocketed. Bob Sizeland, Managing Director of Valiant, comments on the products success: “We are delighted with the reception our New Moisture Meter has received. I think the popularity of this product highlights a real need amongst customers to get the best burn from their timber – not just on an efficiency level but also in environmental terms. Burning seasoned wood reduces chimney deposits and environmental pollution. The new colour change technology makes it even easier to ensure you are burning seasoned wood.”

The Moisture Meter is 110mm in height x 50mm in width, making it conveniently portable with the ability to read moisture levels in structural timber and brickwork as well as wood fuels, in addition it shows the ambient temperature in C or F. The key feature is a unique colour changing backlit display which makes it visually easier to detect when the wood is suitable to burn. The Moisture Meter comes complete with a protective storage bag and has a 12 month Valiant manufacturer guarantee. Fuel quality is the single most important aspect of making a successful fire. To burn effectively the moisture content of firewood needs to be less than 20%, whether it be an open fire or in a stove. The Moisture Meter reads moisture content by percentage to within a decimal point, giving you an exact reading of how seasoned your wood is.
Valiant is based in Hertfordshire and offer a wide range of stylish and practical accessories for all your fireside needs. Valiant is committed to offering customers innovative, quality and sustainable products.

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