The Role of Relationships and Emotional Intelligence in Business.

Last week I went to my son’s school’s Maths workshop, a chance for parents to see the The Role of Relationships and Emotional Intelligence in Business. 1teaching methods and speak to the Head about curriculum and other areas.  I have to say it was enlightening and useful - what was the most useful part?  An insight to the Head and his views and approach.  Yes, the person at the helm, not the school as such. Isn’t this always the case, that it’s the people and the relationships that matter most?

Firstly, who is it that is “good” at relationships?  Who is not so good at them? What are the key skills we need to maintain good relationships, with ourselves and with others? (Can people be taught the art of sales?)

Reports show, time and again, that successful people have high levels of emotional intelligence. That, in fact, emotional intelligence is a greater indicator of success for a person, than academic intelligence is. What’s this got to do with sales and why is EQ (emotional intelligence) not mentioned much in regards to sales?

The Role of Relationships and Emotional Intelligence in Business. 2Check out this infographic here which illustrates some surprising facts about EQ or emotional intelligence

In the education system, all the focus is on IQ, and achievement, and in sales, all of our focus can often be similarly focused - on Quantity and quick wins - not Quality; let me explain.

Having been in sales for over 25 years now, if I had a pound for every time someone said “It’s a numbers game”, I’d be pretty wealthy by now.  The very idea that it’s a numbers game implies that it’s about quantity - if you contact and deal with enough people, that’ll give you what you need? Er, no, not really, and certainly only in the short term.

If we were to focus on quality, on the quality of our relationships in business to be precise, we’d need a lot less in terms of numbers, to achieve our goals, in the longer term.

Emotionally intelligent people are aware that one meaningful relationship in business can reap huge rewards, for both parties, and will work with integrity to achieve that strong relationship.  They will be self aware and adept at looking in the mirror, to check what they need to do, not what the other person needs to do.  High EQ people don’t look for others to change, they change themselves, so that everything changes.  In contrast, someone without this long term perspective and self awareness may look for quick wins, discounting people if there is no immediate gain. Discounting people = LOSS or losing out.  Never discount anyone - it’s not a good approach.

I’ve probably said this before, and will again no doubt, so I won’t apologise, because it’s true…..People buy from people they know, like and trust.  It stands to reason, that the better they know you, the less barriers there are for doing business, or doing anything. The more you open up to someone the better they see and understand you.  In a world that gets smaller by the day communication has never been more important, and good communication is critical.

So what can you do to build relationships? Here are just FIVE areas to look at…(there are many more)

1. Networking - meet new people to find the ones you want to work with. Go to events The Role of Relationships and Emotional Intelligence in Business. 3regularly to get to know people you have already met. Regular networking gives you a good circle which means you’re well placed to help others. When you are networking, aim to help people, not sell to them!

2. A regular newsletter - stay in touch with the people you’re meeting.  Business cards going in the drawer or left to get dusty aren’t going to help you grow.

3. Coffees and lunches - try and have a couple of one to ones with good contacts - be they clients or otherwise - each month. It’s a great way to really get to know someone.

4. Say thank you - find a way of thanking people who help you - send them something, publicly thank them, do something nice in return.  Everyone loves to be appreciated. (Find out Why Authenticity Matters in Sales)

5. Social media - keep your brand’s presence seen and congruent across the different social media channels that are relevant for your business.

Getting to know people, relationships and old fashioned values, if I may call them that, are highly prized.  If making more sales is on your agenda this year then it would be a good idea to look at how you operate in terms of initiating, building and nurturing good relationships with key stakeholders in your business - be that suppliers, customers and employees.  Add some emotional intelligence to the mix and you’re on your way to a recipe for success.

The Role of Relationships and Emotional Intelligence in Business.Recognising the importance of relationships, Cre8 Sales started on our own networking group a few months ago. We’ve always really enjoyed properly getting to know people, rather than just exchanging a few words and a business card. Hands up if you’ve been networking and someone has thrust a business card at you only to walk off once they’ve decided you’re of no use to them? Bingo!  We decided to start a group where meaningful conversation, the outdoors and a lovely lunch were the order of the day.  It’s been going very well so far, new and old contacts alike joining us and new friendships have been forged.  If you’d like more information of where and when we’re next netwalking, please get in touch on 0121 347 6601 or by email on We’d love to hear from you :)

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