The Lucky Wedding Chimney Sweep Tradition


This article will cover the following

  • What a chimney sweep does at a wedding

  • Why it is considered lucky to have a chimney sweep at your wedding

  • A brief history of the lucky chimney sweep

  • How to Hire a sweep for your wedding


The Lucky Wedding Sweep Tradition Wedding season is here and we have already attended quite a few weddings so far this year to bestow some lucky chimney sweep magic upon happy newlyweds and wishing them all the very best of luck for their future together.

What a Chimney Sweep Does at a Wedding

As a chimney sweep wedding gift our visits are usually arranged as a surprise by a family member or friends of the bride and groom to be. So what does a chimney sweep do at a wedding? We arrive at the church or venues, just before the end of the wedding ceremony, dressed in a full traditional sweep outfit, including top hat and neckerchief carrying traditional Cane rods with a good size bristly brush and a little bag of treats and await the just wed happy couple’s exit ready to greet them at the door. (Find out more about the history and traditions of Chimney Sweeping through the ages)

Earlier in the year it was the very special wedding of one of my best friends, formally Miss Gospel now a very happily married Mrs Kimberley Nicholls. My husband Tom and I, along with our 5 day old baby boy Fitzwilliam (It was rather close with wedding dates and due dates), were honoured guests. It was a most beautiful day of celebration that was enjoyed by all, with a traditional church wedding on a lovely May afternoon I could not resist arranging for our very own Val Sweep to attend and surprise Kim and Andy (Mr & Mrs Nicholls) as they left the church after the ceremony.

The Surprise visit has already caused a bit of a stir in church even before the end of the ceremony as some of the guests sat toward the back of the church had spotted Val Sweep through the open door and excited whispers spread through the congregation that there was a Chimney Sweep at the door, I found this really gratifying to see how well the surprise was received by all.

Kim and Andy certainly were surprised that Val Sweep was the first to congratulate them as they left the church and were The Lucky Wedding Sweep Tradition 2both given a Sooty Kiss as is tradition and bringing Luck to their marriage and future together. If a male sweep was in attendance he would kiss the bride and shake the groom’s hand.

We also provide a little gift bag for our newlywed’s with a few chimney sweep wedding keepsakes including a personalised Certificate with details of their special day and the history of why a chimney sweep is a wedding good luck charm, along with a little jar of Lucky chimney soot (all sealed) and a lucky horse shoe.

As the rest of the wedding party follow on in exiting the church we stay and have pictures taken with the bride and groom and chat to the curious guests.

A lot of the younger generation have never heard of a lucky chimney sweep attending a wedding and just wonder why on earth there is a grubby lady hanging around! The Tradition is then usually explained to them by an older member of the wedding party who has seen many a sweep at a wedding.

The Lucky Wedding Sweep 3

 A Brief History of the Lucky Chimney Sweep

The tale of the lucky chimney sweep can be traced back to the 18th century to a parade that was in attendance by King George III where it is reported that the king’s horse was startled by a yapping dog amongst the crowds and his horse then bolted. A fearless London chimney sweep is said to have stepped out into the path of the runaway horses and brought it to a halt, calming the horse. The chimney sweep then disappeared back in to the crowds before the king got the chance to thank him. From that day the king declared that all chimney sweeps should be treat with honour and believed them to be bearers of Good Luck. Later, when the King’s youngest daughter was to be married, King George sent for a chimney sweep because he believed that the presence of a chimney sweep would bring good luck and happiness to his daughter in her marriage, and the age old tradition began and the luck is still passed on to this day.

It is even rumoured that on the wedding day of the Queen and prince Phillip that a Chimney Sweep was escorted in to Buckingham palace and was seen shaking hands with prince Phillip to bring him luck before the wedding.
Coming up In the next few weeks Val sweep is attending several more weddings including the wedding ceremony of two lovely ladies who are getting married, who I am sure will be thrilled by their surprise visit from a Lucky Sweep as well as their family and friends.

As for the Future of lucky wedding Chimney sweeps I am quite sure it will continue to be a wonderful and unique Great British tradition.

How to Hire a sweep for your wedding

If you live in the Yorkshire area and would like to hire a chimney sweep for your wedding contact Katie Sweep by clicking here. Alternatively find a chimney sweep in your local area by clicking here.

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