The Importance of Consistency In Business

As a sales and marketing company, we are constantly reviewing our plans and strategies, and doing The Importance of Consistency In Business Julia Smithour best to ensure that we’re generating a good pipeline of new business. (Find out how to generate new leads in business in Julia Smiths previous article "Where do your prospects hang out?") We do this for ourselves and our clients. Recently we had an interview to attend a growth accelerator programme, and were asked about our own growth to date – as a sales company, why haven’t you got more sales?  We had to have a good look at ourselves, yes, we can always do better. The answer was, something that we are constantly telling our clients, but don’t always practice ourselves. BE CONSISTENT. We’re very good at ideas, at taking action, but in sales, it takes time to get results, so with all ideas, we have to allow time for them to work, to get some traction. It means we need to be taking action week in week out on the ideas, not having a go for a couple of weeks then stopping or moving onto something else.

How consistent are you?

Does this sound like you - Loads of ideas, many started, but not many followed through?

How can we become more consistent?

Here are some ideas that may help you. Consistancy is King 1

Plan the perfect week – use some kind of template to plan out your week with recurring activities being given a slot that you do not deviate from (Find out more about how to make a pan in Julai Smiths previosu article "How to Plan a Successful Sales Campaign in 6 Easy Steps"…)

Use Trello – Trello is a great platform that you can use to record activities and to do lists, you can work on these collaboratively as a team so you all know what’s being done and where you’re headed. Click here to find out more about trello.

Use your calendar

Write To do lists – ensure you have a plan for the next day, what you want to achieve

Do something every day that is working ON your business and not IN it


If you have an idea, start it and give it at least six months before you say it doesn’t work.


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