The Future of Stove Ventilation. Reduce noise, Improve Efficiency.

As the only manufacturer with HETAS Approved ventilators, Rytons Building Products speak to the trade and general public every day on a variety of stove ventilation issues.  They find people’s main ventilation worries are about performance, looks, draughts and noise transfer from the outside.  After all, no one wants the shine taken off a lovely new stove by the prospect of an ugly, draughty vent which lets in noise.

To overcome these issues Rytons recommend using a super acoustic stove ventilator from their Super Acoustic LookRyt AirCore range.

Designed to the highest specification, Rytons Super Acoustic range offers a choice of three ventilators with impressive air flows for the efficient operation of the stove whilst maintaining a comfortable living area for the occupant.

Draughts are minimised by the multi-directional airflow of the unique internal panel, giving an environment that’s pleasant to live in all year round whether or not the stove is in use.  To reduce outside noise transfer the Super Acoustic AirCore tubes are lined with superior acoustic foam for the best soundproofing possible.

Rytons Super Acoustic LookRyt AirCore ventilators are available from stock with delivery next working day. Many installers have already discovered the range and are leaving their clients with the reassurance that the stove is adequately ventilated and the peace and quiet to enjoy it.




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