The Best Wood to use When Cooking on a Wood Burning Stove

Whilst lots of my cooking is outdoors, and the hook of my site is “cooking outdoors whatever the Marcus Bawdon "the best wood to use"weather” I do also *shock* cook indoors too, but you don’t have to limit yourself by doing this. I am very fortunate to have a lovely big wood stove in my lounge, which is roaring away almost continually at this time of year, and it’s very tempting to cook on it lots when the weather outside is dire. One of our favourite things to cook on the stove is a lovely mixed grill with plump steaks and sausages in a heavy cast iron skillet. Is this BBQ, Braai, live fire cooking? whatever it is, it was damn tasty!


I was kindly given some wonderful Sekelbos Braai wood from BraaiWood UK having previously used the CamelThorn I knew these woods were great, the heat the wood gives off makes it great for cooking steaks at high temperature, and adds a wonderful smoky flavour to the food.

The best wood to use when cooking on a wood burning stove 1The best wood to use when cooking on a wood burning stove 2The best wood to use when cooking on a wood burning stove 2

I started the fire off, and it was soon raging, I waited until it had burnt down to glowing coals, and then placed the skillet on top. I had some wonderful Boerewors sausages from a local butcher, and a few thick rump steaks.

As soon as the skillet had warmed up, I cooked the sausage, then when the skillet was red hot cooked the steaks, simply with sea salt and coarse ground black pepper. It’s a great way to cook, the smoke goes straight up the chimney. Make sure you use a wood suitable for cooking, such as the braai wood, hardwoods and fruit woods are all good. I cooked the steaks until they were medium rare, and we had a real feast. I realise not everyone has a wood stove, but you could use a chimnea, or even on a BBQ...

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