Solid Fuel Registration Adds Power to Derbyshire Heating Business

Neil Edmunds, owner of Climate & Power Ltd in Belper, Derbyshire, recently joined OFTEC’s Solid Fuel Registration Adds Power to Derbyshire Heating Business OFTEC LOGOCompetent Person’s Scheme (CPS) for solid fuel heating installations – a move which he says will help the business capitalise on this buoyant and growing market.

“I established the business back in 2010 and have always been OFTEC registered for the oil work we do. At the end of last year, myself and one of the three technicians I employ, also registered with OFTEC for solid fuel installations. “We had previously been with another competent person scheme for solid fuel work but because we were already registered with OFTEC, adding solid fuel was so easy with very little administration and the cost savings were huge.

“The solid fuel market, particularly for dry wood burning stoves, is pretty buoyant. We are working with a lot of existing customers with oil heating who have decided to install a stove to complement and boost their existing systems. Also builders who want to add wood burners into new builds as a design feature. There’s a lot a great new technologies out there that really do work and provide effective solutions for homeowners.

“As a business our aim is to always provide the right advice for each customer to ensure they end up with the best heating solution for their nSolid Fuel Registration Adds Power to Derbyshire Heating Business 2eeds. By taking out OFTEC’s solid fuel registration, along with the oil and renewable expertise we offer, we can now cater for whatever our customers want. we’ve invested in quality registration as it’s so important that people talk to and employ fully qualified and vetted technicians otherwise they could find themselves with a heating system which doesn’t work properly. Combining honest advice with high quality, professional work is what we’ve built the business on and it works for us. My ambition is to grow the business and take on more staff. Expanding out into growth markets such as solid fuel is a key part of the plan  going forward.”


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