Selling through Storytelling

Today I visited the Dudley Canals Trust, for a Black Country Chamber networking event.Selling through Storytelling 1 It has to be said it is one of the more unusual networking events I have attended! The first part, breakfast, coffee, lots of chatting and business cards, was not so out of the ordinary. Next up were some presentations, which were excellent, and now comes the interesting part.

The organisers took us on a 45 minute tour of the water caves and canals, giving us the full history of their creation, and the trust and volunteers who saved them now some 50years ago. The stories of the lives of those who worked mining in those caves was absorbing, and spending time with other business owners who were equally as impressed was very interesting.

There’s so much talk about “Content Marketing”, “Organic SEO”, “Digital Reach”, it can make your head spin. But let’s take it back to basics. Storytelling has been around since we could communicate, be it in pictures or written or spoken words. Everyone loves and is drawn in by a good story, and it is this story telling that can really help us reach out and build those much needed relationships so we can sell more.

Selling through Storytelling 2It is indeed very important to be sharing content, and if you can showcase your business, how you can help, the markets you serve, by sharing a compelling story, you will get people’s attention and you will be remembered. It’s key to selling to show who you are, and stories are a great way to do this; people are buying people, and people they like, so let your story do the talking.

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