Rodtech Develops and Expands New Training Facility

Rodtech have just leased the premises (Unit 12)Rodtech Develops and Expands New Training Facility directly behind their head office to expand the current training facility. 

The new purpose built training facility will be fitted out to include; a faults room, simulated front/living room with a multitude of differing stoves, open fires and inserts to enable the trainee to get the best training available in the market today. The training facility and courses will be available to those wishing to enter the profession or for established sweeps to brush up on their knowledge, refresh their skills, and keep up to speed with the technological advances in sweeping, the stove, biomass and fire industry.

The front/living room experience will enable sweeps to learn, experience and put into practice sweeping and dust control methods taught throughout the course, and they may even have a few surprises in store to replicate what can and does happen often far too frequently in the real world of the sweep.  A sweep trained at the Rodtech facility will be equipped with the knowledge of the tell-tale signs and the way to stay observant and ‘read’ a chimney or flue system.

The Rodtech and associate partners’ courses will be moderated by an independent external UKAS body. This will ensure a trainee will receive the course content, the standard of tuition, and training  required to achieve registration on a competent person’s scheme, which is vital when competing for contract work with councils and other official bodies.

Rodtech Develops and Expands New Training Facility 2The course will be duel certificated by both Rodtech and independently by a UKAS body with the relevant ID badges issued so that the attendee can prove that they have attended and reached the required level and standard of training.
The new purpose built training school comprising of a 15M x 30M space will enable Rodtech to offer a dry lining course (Oftec) to comply with the current building regulations. The 2 day course will cover all aspects of installation and regulation, and has a 5 year period of cover before re-assessment is needed.

Even if the attendees of the dry lining course do not intend to install solid fuel appliances it will give them the qualification, knowledge, and certification from Oftec. This will allow the successful candidates’ to pursue a career as a surveyor of installations, and demonstrate the skills, ability and knowledge to accurately report on faults found etc. As the Oftec validated course gathers momentum and becomes more widely recognised by the public and within the industry it will be an increasingly valued asset in gaining public and industry recognition to work in the chimney sweeping and installations sector.

The Oftec course is likely to be fully operational by October 2016, and the new sweep training school will be running by September 2016. If you have any questions or would like to provisionally book a date for either course, please contact Rodtech on 01953 852952 or come and speak to us or Oftec on stand B34 at the hearth and home show.

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