Remote Boiler Control Over the Internet – Froeling-Connect Remote Boiler Control Over the Internet – Froeling-Connect

Froling’s new online controller,, allows you to check and control your Froling boiler with boiler touch display anytime anywhere. You can read and modify the main status information and settings easily and conveniently online. You can also specify which status messages you would like to receive by text message or e-mail; when the ash box is to be emptied, or even fault messages.

Even more convenient operation with a solution for mobile terminal devices froeling-connect has always been easy and intuitive to operated, and now it has been further optimised for mobile terminal devices (smartphones etc.). This means it is even more convenient to adjust the different settings. Another advantage is the platform-independent display, which works similarly an all terminal devices without additional installation. This eliminates the need for any updates, as the current version is always online in any case.

Froling ConnectOptimum and expanded options for heating engineers / installers A “pro level” has been added to the Internet control system, where a lot of additional information about the boiler is requested or can be adapted. This means that heating engineers can easily view and check service information, for example. This allows the boiler owner to release additional boiler users for the standard operation or pro level via For example, this then enables the installer, a neighbour, relative etc. to access the boiler and monitor the heating system, during holidays or for a system diagnostic for instance, from the comfort of their mobile phone, tablet or computer.


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