Preparing for a New Year of Chimney Sweeping

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I do hope you enjoyed a well-deserved rest and that Father Christmas managed to squeeze down everyone’s chimneys and flues with the perfect gift. We had a most wonderful Family Christmas and with the children now aged 2 & 4 years old it was truly magical.

Watch out 2018 here we comeOver the Christmas break and although not out sweeping as such, being self-employed I have discovered you are still always working… ALWAYS! Although these flu and sickness bug’s that are doing the rounds certainly stopped us all in our tracks. Horrid! Anyhow quickly moving on…

This month’s sweep diary is going to be a little shorter than planned, well compared to my usual novel. Life has been so busy and this month I have completely run out of time along with just having too much to say.

Here is just a snippet of the busyness. All our Sweep Vans and equipment have been serviced, cleaned and are set to go for the new year after working flat out through 2017. We also managed our Staff Christmas outing! Whoop… It was held early January as December is always far too busy. And what fun we all had. Talking chimneys and drinking prosecco, what could possibly be better?

Watch out 2018 here we come 2Back to actual work - Jen, AKA ‘Jen Sweep’ who is our newest team sweep recruit is now all fully trained and out Sweeping Solo. She really is a natural and doing a fantastic job, receiving glowing reviews from our customers and Jen is thoroughly enjoying the first few weeks of going it alone. I keep my phone close at hand just in case, but I know she has been trained very well and will do absolutely fine as she begins her adventurous career as a chimney sweep.

Team Katie Sweep have got off to a flying start with the very latest in modern technology…we now have ‘Card Readers’ WOW and they are so good.  And not just that, we are now operating using a tablet computer on site to keep all our records fully up to date, Brilliant! Both customers and Sweeps are well impressed. (Thank You Tom x )

January for me, as well as organising the sweep empire consists of a lot of meetings, paper work and generally boring stuff to sort out and organise for the coming year. I did manage to make one of my contract work meetings even more interesting when I decided to go along in my full Chimney Sweep uniform…and Hat! Everyone in attendance thought this was absolutely brilliant, it made everyone’s day and rest assured we will be continuing with the annual sweeping work for the foreseeable future. Happy days.

Watch out 2018 here we come 3With all these fantastic developments we have been working so hard on we now have a major bench mark on the horizon and are taking the big step of becoming VAT registered. Ekk , although a bit scary it is very exciting and I feel very proud to have brought the business so far over the years.

Ok , there is lots, lots more I would like to type and tell you all about  but I really must go get some beauty sleep as in the morning I am filming! Yes Filming not Sweeping (I would rather be sweeping, Ekk) I will leave you in suspense until next months sweep diary and let you know all about it then.

There is certainly never a dull nor unproductive day around here that’s for sure, but I love it and would not wish it any other way. Happy 2018 to all and here's to an exciting year ahead.


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