OFTEC Solid Fuel Training Expands as Demand Grows

With demand growing for OFTEC’s new solid fuel registration, the number Looking for solid fuel registrationof approved training and assessment centres offering OFTEC’s own solid fuel training courses is set to expand rapidly this year. The first centres have already begun to offer courses and up to 20 are expected to offer it by the end of the year. The practical emphasis of OFTEC’s training and assessment package has drawn praise from both training centres and techncians alike.

The assessments include a mixture of multiple choice theory papers, practical worksheets, and a number of practical tasks that the candidate must carry out successfully. While OFTEC will accept qualifications from other providers, the OFTEC course offers considerable advantages for anyone wanting to maximise their competence. There are two courses available, the first (OFT15-108D) covering the installation, commissioning and servicing of stoves and appliances used for space heating, and the second (OFT15-108W) covering appliances connected to wet central heating systems.

Each scope allows technicians to install, commission and service solid fuel fired stoves, room heaters and associated equipment and systems in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, industry practices and standards, and legislative requirements.

Oftec expand 2OFTEC’s solid fuel technical book - the OFTEC Guide to Solid Fuel Installation, Commissioning and Servicing Work – is also proving popular. The book is available from OFTEC Direct and contains all the information and technical details necessary for the experienced technician to correctly work on solid fuel appliances.
For details of centres offering the OFTEC courses, please contact David Knipe.


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