New Purevision Classic Stove Range from Charlton & Jenrick

Following the successful launch of the Purevision™ multi-fuel stove New Purevision Classic Stove Range from Charlton & Jenrick 1range in 2014 Charlton and Jenrick are very pleased to announce the launch of their new Classic range of stoves.

The Classic Purevision™ Multi-fuel stoves (What fuels should you burn in your multi fuel stove?)have all the features of the current range making them ultra-efficient and designed to easily pass the strict Eco Design 2022 regulations that will ensure all stoves sold are clean, efficient and environmentally friendly. The Classic version offers a more traditional look to the current modern looking Purevision™.

Introducing the New Purevision Classic Stove Range from Charlton & Jenrick 2There are two models available the CPV5 & CPV5W both with 5kW nominal inputs so usually there’s no need for added ventilation in your room. The Classic stoves are heavy duty with a huge glass fire window for optimal viewing of the flames.

They feature a high quality cast iron top plate, top blanking plate for rear flue connections, and base unit (pre-fitted) with adjustable feet for levelling and providing flexibility when installing the stove. Optional external air kits are available for a direct connection to the outside, they also have flexible multi-fuel capacity. Furthermore they are DEFRA exempt for burning wood logs in smokeless zones - as standard.

Classic models also all feature the Purevision™ high-quality ceramic firebox liners that are self-cleaning, hardwearing and very attractive. These new stoves come with a new stainless steel patented innovative active baffle system for flexibility, and ease of use. In fact the new active baffle system has been so well received that it is now to be a standard feature on the existing modern Purevision™ range.


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