NACS chimney sweep show review 2017

Well there’s no prizes for guessing what I am writing about in this Nacs chimney sweep show review 1month’s sweep diary. Going back a few weeks now, on the 7th of April to be precise, my husband Tom and I left a sunny North Yorkshire and ventured down to Stratford upon Avon in Toms recently washed and thoroughly tidied ‘Biomass Sweeping Solutions’ Van, heading to the greatly anticipated, annual ‘National Association of Chimney Sweeps’ Exhibition… and What a time we had!

After a three and a half hour, early morning drive (with no children – Wahoo!)  we arrived at the glitzy Crown Plaza Hotel based in the heart of Stratford where the Exhibition takes place.

Upon arrival, we were met by the spectacular sight of the large carpark being filled with Chimney Sweep Vans, from start to finish, almost as far as the eye could see! Fantastic!

There were rusty old vans and new reg vans, sparkling polished vans and grubby straight from work vans, Non-the less, all liveried up with pride.

What was very nice to see, along with so many NACS badged vans as well as HETAS, Gas Safe and OFTEC stickers too, there were also sweeps from other sweeping associations such as APICS, GOMS and ICS all in attendance. So nice that all are welcomed along and a great chance for a good get together…And what a fantastic bunch!

From the moment we arrived I was bumping in to familiar faces of Sweeps and Traders, some I already know and some I have never even met before, but by the power of the internet I feel that I do know, and a real pleasure to meet in person. I was also very pleased to finally meet the lovely Emily Sweep of Cinnabar Stoves who was at the exhibition helping out on the AMAC camera stand.

There was that much going on I really would need to write a book to mention everyone and everything!

In a nutshell, a fantastic couple of days was had by all, with all the exhibitors showing off the very latest in all things Chimney Sweeping alongside the tried and tested well known favorites.

Those of you who read my sweep diary last month will be aware I had a bit of a shopping list! … contract work payment depending that was, thankfully payment came through in the knick of time and I was able to invest in some top notch products, consisting of…New mole brushes and mid head’s from Rodtech.

A posh camera housing from Rodstation that you can angle, ideal for closure/register plates for looking down from above and perfect for my wireless cam. A very nice sweep’s uniform jacket from Snaplok, that has gone down a treat. A highly acclaimed professional dust sheet from Stove Industry Supplies.

The new book from Baneta Cullingford ‘Chimneys and Chimney Sweeps’. Beneta who was in attendance even signed it for me, which really did make my day.

As well of bags filled with all of the above, l came away with Oodles of sample products, information leaflets, pens and cups.
In planning my trip to the NACS exhibition I had decided it would be a good plan to take along with me, my daughter Evie’s ‘Rodney the Sweep’ book as I knew the author, Paul Ross would be there with his Chimstop product. Paul kindly signed Evie’s book with a lovely note for her, she was very impressed, Thanks Paul.

In amongst all the above excitement, I still found the time to attended seminars hosted by The Sweeps App, Rodtech, The Thatch Advice Center and HETAS, all were very interesting and Informative.

Nacs Chimney Sweep Show Review 2I am really looking forward to the upcoming release of The Sweep App, which sounds a great product and I have even got myself signed up for my H009 course later in the year.

After an action-packed day one of the exhibition we spent a brilliant evening talking ‘Chimneys’ until the early hours, at one point I was actually crying with laughter! What Fun, and It was a pleasure to meet so many new people and be so welcomed. Admittedly I was slightly fluffy headed for day two of the exhibition.

What a ‘blumin good do’ it really was with some great Sweep’s. The Exhibition is just one of the many exciting Chimney related goings on from this last month. I will just give you a quick rundown otherwise I will be in danger of take up most of the newsletter. Fast forwarding A couple of weeks, following the NACS Exhibition we headed off once more down to NACS HQ in Stone to attend the Chimney CCTV inspection course and the Liner and Maintenance Course the following day… as well as squeezing in a visit to nearby Yarlet Stoves to visit our pal Bryn Edwards Hi Bryn.

I will tell you all about the specialist course properly next month as there is a lot to tell.

Back to this month, I visited Leeds central library’s amazing ‘Sweepiana’ exhibition, A fascinating exhibit, crammed full of wonderful historical Chimney Sweep related paraphernalia.

I had the honor of been asked to say a few words about life as a modern-day Chimney Sweep. I let everyone know how Nacs Chimney Sweep Show Review 3Chimney sweeping is just as important and as relevant today as it was in the 1800’s, and I took along an example of modern power sweeping equipment to wow them all.
… Keeping on…

It has been ‘Chimney Sweep Day’!

Did you know the 1st of May, along with being May Day, is also Chimney Sweep day!… As well as being my little boys’ birthday. This is followed up shortly after by St Florian’s Day on 4th May. St. Florian is the patron Saint of Chimney Sweeps & Firefighters and because of his association with fire he is said to have been invoked with protection from both fire and water.
What a month to be a chimney sweep ey!

In amongst all this I have also been out sweeping, servicing and cctv’ing! Sorting pensions, Kids and day to day life!!!
I bet you all feel exhausted just reading about it. So, I will let you go and have a rest and a cup of Tea now.
On a final note, I look forward to attending the upcoming NACS AGM, my first! So I am rather curious to see what happens at an AGM? I look forward to seeing and meeting other NACS member sweeps there on the 23rd of May


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