NACS Appoint New Director Sally Caine

Martin P. Glynn the NACS President & CEO is delighted to announce the appointment of new NACS Director Sally Caine. (Find out more about NACS Click Here)

Nacs appoint new director Sally Caine 1Martin P. Glynn said “It’s important that the Board of Directors provides direction to lead and shape the organisation s future.  I believe that a strong Board of Directors should include the best available people who come from a range of perspectives and backgrounds, with proven performance and achievements, so that strategic decisions can be made.  It is therefore imperative that the NACS Board of Directors are competent individuals in their own right who together can offer a mix of skills, knowledge, and experience, with the sole purpose of getting the job done.  The NACS will have a broader range of expertise, and will continue to take the lead within the Chimney Sweeping industry”.  Martin added “We are extremely pleased that Sally is now the Managing Director of the NACS, and she has gained this promotion on her own merit.  This is a very exciting and positive step forward for the NACS.  We wish Sally every success as a Director and very much look forward to working with her on the Board”.

Sally Caine said “Drawing on my experience whilst working at the NACS for the past 6 years, and understanding how the Association operates I am confident that in my new role I will bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to the organisation, and in addition helping to steer it towards growing its professional outlook.  There has never been a female on the NACS Board of Directors, even though the Chimney Sweeping industry on the whole has seen an increase in female Chimney Sweeps coming through to be trained and set up their own businesses as a Chimney Sweep.  Having a female Director on the board would help to represent and support these female Members, giving them some sort of comfort knowing they're part of an Association where they're not overshadowed by the male dominance”. 

Nacs appoint new director Sally Caine 2Sally added “By appointing me as a Director, it proves the NACS Board of Directors run an organisation which is an evolving and progressive company that builds from within, utilising existing and dedicated employees, and is not just made up of existing NACS Members.  Overall I believe this delivers to the NACS Members, and the industry on the whole, a Board of Directors with a range of knowledge and competencies, which in turn provides a consistent high quality service.  I have proved to be very dedicated to the NACS and see my future within the Association as a very long term commitment”.

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