"NACE is Proud to Announce Its Prestigious LABC Authority Partnership"

In 2003 the National Association of Chimney Engineers (NACE) acquired type test approval for Nace is Proud to Announce It Prestigious LABC Authority Partnership facebookits domestic lightweight cast concrete lining system – the NACE Cast in-situ Concrete Lining System (CCLS) from GASTEC at CRE Ltd. (GaC).

After having passed stringent and robust testing at the GaC facilities in Gloucester, the NACE CCLS remains one of the most durable and technically advanced methods of relining 'controlled services' (domestic flue systems) where these are found to fail minimum fire risk and safety standards and represent a danger to the general public and consumer.

The NACE CCLS process and method of installation recognises particular approved BS/EN products in accordance with Part J of the Building Regulations.  The installation of this specialised relining system can only be undertaken and notified by NACE Installer Members who are registered on the NACE CCLS Certification Scheme and only after a detailed mechanical investigation of a domestic masonry chimney has been competently carried out to identify structural defects and/or integrity failures.

NACE is proud to announce its prestigious LABC authority partnershipIn view of having achieved an industry accepted type test status for its CCLS and after lengthy negotiations with senior BCB management, NACE is proud to announce their CCLS has now been recognised and accepted nationally by Local Authority Building Control (LABC), with NACE awarded a prestigious LABC Authorised Partnership.  To our knowledge, no other organisation within our expert area of the building regulations can aspire to having achieved this level of excellence or national recognition.

Consumers wishing to employ registered NACE members to undertake sensitive and technically competent relining projects can do so with the peace of mind that for each and every completed installation they will now receive an LABC registered 'certificate of completion' directly from their local authority thus far outweighing in gravity and professialism any other method of registering such work.

Anyone considering the benefits of joining NACE and becoming a CCLS registered installer / technician can do so with the knowledge that for every completed project their customer will receive a prestigious LABC recognised 'certificate of completion' detailing not only related building work but the CCLS installation method used.
LABC certificates of completion are recognised as a 'gold standard’ confirming the status of those carrying out CCLS projects and that such work is to the highest technical level of workmanship.

The NACE / LABC Authorised Partnership will monitor levels of workmanship so that every element is carried out to a maintained standard and level of excellence.  NACE members registered to undertake this type of technical relining system will do so in the knowledge that they are part of an elite team and not just another number in a pointless scheme that doesn’t support them when they need help, guidance or advice.

In view of our newly acquired authorised partnership status NACE wishes to invite interested parties with a view to becoming a franchised CCLS business to contact us at the earliest before this is launched nationally.  There are no known competitors able to demonstrate our lengthy pedigree within the expert area of controlled services or who can allude to a recognised type test backed up by LABC.

Also NACE are currently seeking a new generation of business minded board members.  In particular individuals with enough vision and energy to help the NACE CCLS become the 'go to ' concrete lining franchise business system that consumers and installers turn to when a competent system, supported with BS/EN approved materials and recognised LABC approval, is called for.  The opportunities, official kudos and potential revenue stream are endless for the right people.

NACE members are offered a platform with which to excel and where a recognised route to achieving is firmly supported.Registered LABC Partner Authority Scheme  The NACE Specialist Apprenticeship Programme (SAP) for instance allows for a fully grant approved L2 NVQ Diploma in Chimney Engineering to be applied for and is one of many in house opportunities.

All NACE members enjoy access to information and support way beyond anything currently available from competent person schemes managers and in areas that really matter such as; first aid, listed building consent, domestic contractual obligation, loss adjustment, fire & safety risk assessment, consumer law, workmanship and materials and county court protocol, but to name a few of the legislative prerequisite requirements necessary for the self-employed person.

NACE continues to provide a learning platform for its technical membership where achievement matters.  This recognition actively enhances members’ ability to seek higher paid work offering the installer far more lucrative opportunities within our area of expertise including artisan skill sets.  NACE members therefore tend to stand head and shoulders above any other when involved in reinstatement works or design processes for architects and surveyors.

Controlled services continue to remain an expert area with very few so called experts able to convey or demonstrate either the technical or mechanical artisan skills and qualifications necessary to undertake sensitive building restoration on period grade listed buildings or technically demanding domestic based reinstatement work. NACE takes a rigorous interest in each of its members, actively supporting and promoting existing skill set levels, in particular where Continuous Personal Development (CPD) training can be delivered.

From a professional point of view this will now mean that both installer and consumer can rest assured that not only will such work be undertaken, carried out and executed by NACE chimney experts the entire system will be properly monitored and policed with an LABC (Local Authority Building Control) authorised certificate of completion issued to the home owner. This will far outweigh the level of authority that any alternative competent scheme documentation currently offers and will be seen as a 'gold standard' when consumers are required to provide an audit trail when selling their property or where insurers request proof of correct application.

NACE are the only industry body to receive this accolade and we are immensely proud of the status LABC have bestowed upon our methods, process, integrity and management of the NACE CCLS.

We hope to expand this relationship with LABC to encompass the installation of all type tested and approved lining systems to include methods and processes when sympathetic design alterations to listed buildings and to building of historical importance require technically competent high end artisan skills and where those wishing to improve their learning can do so because NACE recognises the absolute necessity for CPD (Continuous Personal Development) in an industry bereft of any long term training or where fitters and installers have an opportunity to increase their learning capability.

On a more serious note, Smoke nuisance issues are climbing in correlation to the growth of appliance sales and increase of both wood and coal products used for heating purposes. Virtually no one is applying to the pollution and health problems created by such increases in fossil fuel use or for instance the sale of less than fit for purpose second, third and fourth hand appliances available on various on-line auction sites being sold and installed without a single traceable audit trail or guarantee to unsuspecting consumers by registered and unregistered fitters without a shred of safety or fire risk consideration.

Operator ignorance and poorly designed and installed chimney / flue systems are at the top of a very long list of failures, it has now become an epidemic where anyone with a hammer and a mobile can ‘fit a stove’ or ‘fit a liner’ without a mechanical thought or understanding of the environment where such work may be carried out or impact of such work upon owner occupiers / tenants and on the dwelling itself.  A growing number of fitters with no idea of either Topography, Thermal-Dynamics, Structural Mechanics or Meteorological and Atmospheric issues continue to install poorly designed flue systems cobbling together various chimney system components simply because they ‘can’ is a pitiful reflection of our industry and an even poorer excuse for 'due diligence' and a 'duty of care' let alone recognising what proper working ethics actually mean, The Consumer Rights Act 2016, the Party Wall Act 1996, HSE ‘Working at Height’ Regulations 2005, Document 7 of the Building Regulations and Trading Standards methods and procedures for the self-employed contractor where goods and services are offered as part of any agreement should be considered essential reading where a formal undertaking is entered into. Audit trails with photographic evidence should be assumed as normal practice when carrying out any type of domestic based work.

The bottom line for any individual irrespective of having ‘meant well’ is ‘liability’, apportioning blame to a third party will never waiver an individual’s ultimate responsibility nor unfortunately will a CPS provider support a registrant in a litigation based claim. The wakeup call for fitters / installers is to be better educated and better prepared and not assume you are bomb proof, the slightest deviation may result in civil or criminal proceedings being brought against perpetrators of negligent and non-compliant work resulting in a damage or injury claim or worse where such activities result in a fatality.

NACE is now enjoying a second year providing Environmental Health enforcement agencies and EH professionals around the UK with targeted seminar and workshop support in response to a growing concern where unresolved smoke nuisance cases continue to remain unabated and sadly unresolved, our success rate for this statutory body is 100% with interest continuing to grow in our workshop / Q&A sessions and seminar packages in this expert area.

Nace is Proud to Announce It Prestigious LABC Authority Partnership FacebookThose wishing to join NACE at entry level membership and enjoy the benefits of belonging to a highly professional organisation recognised by UK Government enforcement agencies, OFTEC, Scottish Government, National LABC, UK Government Fire & Rescue inspectorate, CIEH professionals, Environmental Health and the CITB, but to name a few as the foremost authority on controlled services, may do so by contacting the NACE Secretariat for an information and application pack.

Those interested in joining an organisation 'fit for purpose' will find a wide choice of Information, Communication and Education (ICE) driven opportunities.  NACE recognises the value of those wanting to attain an additional knowledge based status in an expert area and who may wish to 'better' themselves in an industry that doesn’t recognise this value or provide for those wanting to reach higher standards at any level. 

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