As Chairman of NACE (National Association of Chimney Engineers) I am proud to NACE Endorses OFTEC 1announce the continuance of our support of Oftec as we have done so for the past three years providing as recognised experts within our industry (Controlled Services) mechanical and technical support as well as consumer guidance for their technicians.

Those reading this article will know that Oftec are a major CPS (Competent Person Scheme) manager and industry leader within the domestic and commercial sector as well as being technically competent in their many fields of activity Oftec have now added solid fuel to the family of competencies catered for.

It is vitally important in my role as Chairman and Technical Director of NACE that our organisation is seen to be progressively moving forward with professional partners that recognise our pedigree and expertise, as such I have decided to join the ranks of Oftec as a registered technician within their new and expanding solid fuel section.NACE Endorses OFTEC 2

My decision is based upon the track record of this progressive, forward thinking and incredibly professional organisation who continue to provide a route to further improvement which no other CPS manager has done. I would urge those thinking of joining a worthy CPS manager to consider thebenefits of joining Oftec.

NACE supports and endorses Oftec as a competent and completely professional alternative to those already in this market place and as an organisation worthy of our time and consideration.

Visit the NACE and OFTEC websites at the links below.


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