Masonry Heaters Association AGM 2016

Last week Ecco Stove stove took to the mountains in North Carolina, USA for the Masonry Heater Association of North America AGM. Fantastic weather helped spur on a what turned out to be a well organised experience for all. It was great to see masonry heaters, rocket stoves and contraflow heaters built from the ground up by both skilled craftsman and enthusiasts. Among skilled masons those new to the craft were able to pick up tricks, designs and learn more about the concept of thermal mass heating as well as a range of additional support material.

Our thanks to the MHA and Dick Smith for such a well presented event and all those who helped and contributed. Also congratulations to Dave Zeltwanger of DK and Sons for winning the auction of the Ecco Stove E678 and those who won awards for their projects. If you are a Masonry Heater builder in the US, Canada or Alaska why not look up the MHA North America and we might see you there next year.

Masonry Heaters Association AGM


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