Making Your Fireplace the Star of the Show this Festive Season

We have all dreamt about it: sitting in front of a picture-perfect fireplace, the mantle adorned with festive decorations, a beautiful Christmas tree standing in the corner of the room, and the sound of Christmas carols filling the room. While there are many ways you can turn this dream into a reality, you definitely can’t go wrong with making your fireplace the focal point in your home this Christmas. All you need to create a greeting-card worthy display are a few festive ideas, a handful or two of suitable decorations and a bit of time to bring your vision to life. Here are a few ideas that are bound to make your fireplace stand out and impress both your family and your guests this festive season.

The traditional fireplace

If you are a fan of classic, traditional Christmas decorations you can easily transform your fireplace into a mesmerizing festive display using little more than a realistic-looking garland, some baubles in traditional Christmassy colours such as gold, green, and red to hang from it and some fairy lights to wrap around it. Add a few candle holders with white or gold candles to your mantelpiece, hang a wreath above it and you are ready for annual merriments. If you have children (or young-at-heart adults) in the home, don’t forget to hang up a couple of personalized Christmas stockings as well to complete your display and add to the impending excitement of Christmas morning.

The homely fireplace

If your home boasts a traditional fireplace with a country feel to it, mostly-homemade, country-style decorations are a given.  Think tealights and tartan, card strings and rag garlands and, of course, floral fabrics, and a beautiful live wreath that will not only finish off your display beautifully but also fill the room with a festive, woody aroma.  If you are going for the homely country look by your fireplace be sure to extend the theme to the rest of your decorating efforts as well, adorning your Christmas tree with beautiful, handmade decorations such as tartan stars and angels made from a burlap sack. This is a theme that will undoubtedly be appreciated by the entire family and also one that everyone from the youngest children to their grandparents and great-aunts & uncles can get involved in, helping to craft the decorations and putting them in their designated places.

The glamorous fireplace

If you are tired of keeping with tradition and have never been a fan of country décor, you could opt for a glamorously-decorated fireplace this Christmas. The first thing you need to do is choose an Making Your Fireplace the Star of the Show this Festive Season 1opulent colour scheme such as burgundy and gold or teal and silver. Once you have decided on your colours you can start decorating your fireplace, adorning your mantel with elaborate garlands, candlesticks, angel figurines, and a bejeweled garland centrepiece. Remember to continue your colour scheme to both your tree and your gift wrap to ensure that your entire room in enveloped in a sheath of festive luxury.

You don’t have to be an expert interior designer to turn your fireplace into a spectacular focal point within your home this festive season. All you need is a beautiful vision and enough creative flair to bring it to life.

-Cassie Steel


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