Looking at Open Fire or Stove Options for Elders

The idea of resting before an open flame or a wood stove is an aesthetic that is desired by a lot the elders in the UK. In fact, roughly 2.5 million homes in the UK have either an open fire or a wood-burning stove, according to the UK Environment Secretary, Michael Grove. For homeowners who have their elderly relatives with them, having a fireplace is basically a prerequisite. In the interest of safety, how should you go about choosing a fireplace or stove for your elderly relatives?

Be Realistic About Their Space

If your relative’s home does not have a fireplace or a stove to facilitate a fire, it is necessary that you take a good look at the home’s condition first. One of the primary reasons that fires break out is putting in and operating a fireplace when the surrounding area is in disrepair, according to a London Fire Brigade spokesperson. Doing repairs can help lower the risk of fires breaking out because of the home’s age. So before you put in a fireplace, make sure that you have your space thoroughly looked over by professionals. They can help give you recommendations to better retrofit the home for the older relative’s comfort. They may also make you aware of what needs repairs.

Look at Different Types Together

When it comes to having a comfortable and safe fire going in an elder’s home, it’s smart to consider different options that are available in the market. Open fire options have varying fuel options like coal, kindling, and logs and require effort. A stove grants placement flexibility. They are also 80% more efficient and are more effective in providing heat, according to Edward Bulmer, an interior designer. Older persons may be living on a retirement stipend and may not have a lot of leeways, so the overall cost of maintenance and use must fit well. You must also factor in their understanding of how to operate or maintain the options you’re looking at.

Enact Safety Protocols

Whenever a fire is harnessed, there is always the possibility of fires occurring. To keep your elderly relatives safe, you’ll need to be stringent with safety protocols. Installing a specialist smoke alarm adds an extra layer of protection for A safe fire source can ensure that your elderly relatives get to enjoy the warmth and aesthetic that they desire.those with limited vision and impaired hearing, according to Age UK. Regardless of the sort of fire source you choose, it’s best to have fire and safety professionals do a Home Fire Risk Check. Get your relative involved if you can so they’ll know the protocols, too. If they have someone caring for them, getting that person involved helps boost overall safety.

You must never forget that an open fire or a wood-burning stove always come with a certain amount of manageable risk. Safety must always remain a priority and being proactive about it helps. A safe fire source can ensure that your elderly relatives get to enjoy the warmth and aesthetic that they desire.


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