Katie Sweep- Us Sweep’s will Travel.

September as well as being the time of year for us sweeps that our busy season gets Us sweeps will travelwell and truly underway … and I presume everyone else in the fireplace related world is super busy to, it also appears to be a month of travel!

At the start of the month (4th – 7th of September) The 34th international meeting of the Chimney Sweeps took place in Santa Maria Maggiore, Italy. An annual gathering and celebration made up of Chimney Sweeps from across the World. The 4-day event is a big social event with much festivities including lots of eating, drinking and socializing, then there is the famous parade of 1000+ sweeps proudly representing their home country with their national flag as they parade through the streets in celebration of their profession. I am unsure if anyone from the UK attends? I would love to hear all about it if you did go, please do get in touch J.

Us sweeps will travel 2I am also on my travels as I write this. I have left my very capable team of lady sweeps in charge, I know all our customers will be well looked after as always, and I have jetted of on a long awaited family holiday to Orlando Florida, USA. (Lucky me I know!) With 10 family members in total we have been having a most amazing time in the sweltering temperatures doing the usual tourist stops of Disney World, University Studios, SeaWorld & the many other parks. For anyone who likes an adventures and active holiday or should I say 'Vacation' …with lots of food, I can highly recommend it! Such an incredible place, everyone, children, adults and great grandparent’s alike, are all having a tremendous time, there definitely is magic in the air here in Florida.

One of my many highlights so far has been meeting every chimney sweeps favourite character, Disney’s Mary Poppins. I was very excited to introduce my daughter Evie to Mary Poppins. Evie told Mary that her Mummy was a chimney sweep! Mary Poppins responded with…

" I'm sure she is better behaved than Bert! He's always dancing about on the Chimney tops''
 How wonderful! We didn't see Burt, I'm sure he was far too busy sweeping the many fairytale chimneys of the magical kingdom.

I, as ever with anywhere I go, was paying close attention to all the chimney stacks of Florida! You can take the girl away from the chimney sweeping but you can't take the chimney sweeping away from the girl... Or something like that?

There have been some fantastic fake set chimneys Us sweeps will travel 3through the parks, in particular and my favorite were the ones at Hogsmead in the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter at the incredible Universals Studios… although the snow covered roof tops and smoking/steaming chimney stacks did not make me feel any cooler in the 90+ degree heat! But the butter beer helped a little!

The majority of the artificial stacks I noticed all had lightning conductors, a very good idea I am sure with Florida apparently being the lightning capital of the world! And we have witnessed some excellent storms. All these fake chimneys got me wondering if there is much call for real life Chimney Sweeps here in Florida? and yes apparently there are quite a lot.

Us sweeps will travel 4When I made enquiries via the world wide web (facebook) and it turns out there are many a sweep working in Florida, a lot of whom are also on their travel’s! With them venturing of to the CSIA’s (Chimney Safety Institute of America) South Carolina Chimney Sweep Guild’s annual gathering. Thankfully Mr Chad Smith of Smiths Chimney Sweeps, based in Alabama USA who does also sweep across the North West of Florida, agreed to answer some of my many, many questions I have about sweeping in the US. Thanks Chad.

Chad Smith is also my nominee Sweep of the month, as my UK ‘Sweep of the Month’ video/filmclip is having a posh re-vamp (as well as me been on holiday and not having all that much time to fit it in)


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