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Well, I am So pleased to FINALY be able to reveal a few of the behind the scenes projects Drum Roll Please 1I/we have been working on.

I am beyond proud to now officially and warmly welcome to what is of course the most wonderful occupation of professional chimney sweeping, my very own Husband Tom! But he has not become just any ordinary kind of chimney sweep!

I would like to officially present… ‘Biomass Sweeping Solutions Limited’


Following our successful ventures in the world of Biomass boiler flue sweeping, ranging from both small domestic boilers through to ginormous commercial & industrial flue systems we have decided to launch ‘Biomass Sweeping Solutions Limited’ as its own separate business entity, headed by my now NACS trained member, HETAS Approved, IPAF ticketed, chimney & flue power sweeping husband Mr Thomas Wiggins. Biomass Sweeping Solutions limited is now officially launched,  kick starting the beginning of August and getting straight to work, carrying out the complex flue sweeping for the same large supermarket chain’s biomass boilers that we also attended last year.

The new company specialises in large scale contract work, offering all the things that large businesses require: - such things as risk assessments, abiding to all health and safety protocol, full qualification’s, certification, insurances and the patience and ability to deal with lots of form filling. Thankfully we / Tom is well experienced in such things, as well as being ready, willing and able. So after months of late nights, a lot of organising and putting plans in to place, not to mention a great deal of financial (also time and emotional) outlay, everything is now finally all set and up and running!

All my Katie Sweep biomass contacts have been informed of the changes and all the ongoing biomass work’s also changed across, making a brilliant footing for launching the new company, but still with lots of scope for taking on new customers and biomass flue sweeping contracts. With Tom leaving the security of a settled job, that offered reliability and a good pension he (we as a family) are taking a big courageous leap! It has been slightly daunting at times but it is now or never! Onward and upward! Fortune favors the brave! and all those other such sayings. I have complete faith with Tom’s experience, drive and precision in the way he works, the company will do just fine and hopefully thrive in filling a seeming void in the industry. I am quite sure Tom is going to be rather busy! :)

Drum Roll Please 2I myself have had my own behind the scenes projects on the go. In collaboration with Fireplace.co.uk, I am very excited to be taking on a brand new featured project of ‘Sweep of the Month’. I had the idea that it would be fantastic to be able to see, and get a real feel of what it is actually like in the day to day life of not just one but in fact many a real life Chimney Sweep working through the UK. This industry certainly seems to attract some brilliant characters and of course we are all very different! This fantastic new feature will give us all an actual glimpse in to the working day of a different Sweep every month, showcasing a range of sweeps from across the UK, and across all the membership associations. I hope an important message to come from this too is although we all have differences in our techniques, locations and additional skill sets, we are all very much united by our trade.

With the aid of photos and video footage provided to me from the ‘sweep of the month’ themselves, I am assembling a short film/video clip, allowing us ‘the watcher’ to get a real sense of the person in black, out there in their natural environment and getting to see a little of their character and quirks, their likes and dislikes, their favorite products and their worst experiences, all this nicely put together in a few minute, feel good, interesting clip.

I have already made a start as you will see and it has been Amazing fun to create. I very much look forward to seeing who else is out there. If you would be interested in being the future sweep of the month or wish to nominate someone I would love to hear from you. So if you thought all that was quite enough really for one person to be doing, that for me is just a small proportion of the month’s goings on’s. My Lovely Receptionist Alison is currently on her planned annual leave  for a week and a half, enjoying some of well-deserved time off before our ridiculously busy autumn season gets under way. So I am holding the fort (just about) and looking after all our customer bookings.

To keep me on my toes it is also the start of the Loooong summer holidays and Nursery is closed!, leaving me juggling Drum Roll Please 3bookings between being super mummy, and it is busy busy busy, the phone, emails and texts do not seem to let off, not that I’m complaining. It is truly lovely to have a good chat with our customers and a catch up over the phone with our long-term regular’s.  I just have to occasionally apologise to the customer I am speaking to on the phone whilst I momentarily distract the squeaky crying child/children with a biscuit. I am very much looking forward to Alison’s return. As you can probably imagine I am feeling rather frazzled, and I am also looking forward to heading back out to work sweeping myself even more in the coming weeks and months on more of a set schedule for a bit of a rest!

If I’m honest going out to work feels like a bit of a rest, having a sit down (on the hearth whilst sweeping), with someone else making the cups of tea and if I am lucky even a biscuit. Bliss! For us it is also our local country fair season. This month was Green Hammerton country fair. It is a first for this show and just a minute down the road from me so rather handy. We had a fantastic day with lots of people getting their annual sweeping appointments booked in, mostly locals and others from miles Drum Roll Please 4away, other people just popped over to our stall to say Hello as we have already recently done their sweeping. But all in all a brilliant day had. The throw the ball in the chimney pot game I pinched from the NACS stand at the Hearth and Homes was certainly a big hit! Thanks NACS.

And thanks to my mum who was there who came across a crafts lady who makes Chimney sweep Cloth dolls! Amazing! So tom and I now have His and Hers matching ones in pride of place on the mantel piece, just what every sweep needs, I love them. Next month we are heading to Tockwith show, which is always a great day out.

To end on a high note everyone who read last month’s diary entry will be pleased to know Val Sweeps vacuum, our old faithful hard working (9-year-old) Numatic NZQ750 has had a replacement motor and lives to sweep another day, long may it live!

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