June What a Scorcher…

Wow what a month June was! What with Brexit, Boris resigning (hooray) England rugby’s June what a scorcher 1fantastic series win and England footballs usual performance, thank God its over, but it did have its high points. Firstly Hearth and Home which was excellent and good to meet so many new people. On June 17th we all traipsed down to Swindon to meet with Windhager and be introduced to their awesome new products-especially the new PuroWin wood chip gasification boiler-Windhager PuroWin - The Wood Chip Heating Revolution.   Have a look at the video, what a cracking piece of kit. Last month we introduced the Bibo patio heater but sadly i got the pricing wrong-sorry Kerry, it should be £650 NOT £800. The smaller, less expensive version will be with us later this month and dont forget that BOTH units can be personalised with your company name and logo-for a small cost. To all installers-Just to let you know that we now have a huge range of flue products, from liners to brackets, register with us and see how much you can save-all products are Made in Italy and even with the cost of transport we are 100% sure that we can save you money. We also have over 130 burners and boilers to choose from, some in stock but special orders normally only take 14 days for delivery to us or your customers. We have boilers from small domestic to large air blown systems for warehouses. Have a busy month, Pete

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