Jim Lambeth Retires from SFA

Solid Fuel Association General Manager, Jim Lambeth, retired from the SFA at the end of August 2016.

Jim’s career has spanned just over 50 years of working in the solid fuel industry. He started working at the National Coal Board in 1965 where he had many varied roles within their regional marketing departments. After privatisation of British

Jim Lambeth Retires 1

Coal, Jim started working for the SFA and will have completed just over 20 years’ service by the time he leaves the industry. (Find out more about the Solid Fuel Association)

During his time at the SFA Jim has progressed from Technical Advisor to General Manager and is well known  by many for his depth of knowledge.

John Watkiss, Chairman of the SFA Board, said “On behalf of the SFA Board I would like to thank Jim for his many years of dedication to the Company.  Unfortunately, changes in the industry necessitated the need for a change of direction for the SFA.”  From October, the SFA will be incorporated into the Coal Merchants Federation which will continue to offer the range of services previously provided by Jim and his team.


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