Innovative New Flam Fire Launched in the UK

An innovative new gas fire, which takes away the need for multiple flues and chimneys, Innovative New Flam Fire Launched in the UK 1has been launched in the UK.

Flam is the latest manufacturer to be added to the range at leading heating solutions provider Smart Fire UK, the sole UK distributor. (Find out more about other Smartfire products click here) The unique gas and flue design system allows up to 12 fires to operate off one flue, over 12 storeys, making them an ideal choice for new build apartments and hotels looking to create a focal point in a room. The flexibility of the system means the fires do not have to be positioned in the identical spot on each floor.  Instead they can be located to suit the developer or end user with the clever system allowing for multiple configurations which a traditional system would be unable to accommodate.

Using the latest technology, the fires can be operated via a smart phone, tablet or remote control meaning users can control the height and width of the flame. Once the flue system is in place, each fire can be designed individually to compliment the interior scheme. Users can chose different decorative touches inside the fire, with the choice of stones, pebbles, logs, firewood or black diamond, wall coverings and glass to make the fire unique to them. An inline fan controls the gas flow and the air input allowing for a safe and highly energy efficient fire. (Find out more about how the fire industry is turning smart)

If the flue was to become obstructed, the individual fires will automatically shut down safely and will reboot once the obstruction has been remedied. Paul Holt, business manager at Smart Fire UK said: “This is the next generation of fire and heating system. “The clever configuration means a new build developer or hotel can run multiple fires over multiple floors without having the time and expense of adding extra flues and chimneys.

Innovative New Flam Fire Launched in the UK 2“It allows them to develop a focal point in a room, where previously that may not have been possible, and the decorative options means each fire can be designed specifically for the end user. “Added to that, these fires have unbeatable output making them energy and cost efficient.” Paul continued: “At Smart Fire UK we specialize in creating heating solutions for commercial and residential settings and working with designers and specifiers to create workable solutions for them and their customers. “Whether in a new build apartment development, a renovated hotel or a family home, this new product gives customers flexibility, efficiency and a stylish finish perfect for 21st century living.”


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