How Using Self-Belief can Improve your Sales and Business

Last week I attended a open day, at Aston Villa Football How using self belief can improve your sales and businessClub.  Vistage inspire leaders to be more successful, the day was an opportunity for us to network with larger businesses.  I didn’t speak with anyone with a turnover less than £5 million, or a team of less than 20.

The speaker for the morning was Reg Athwal whose presentation “Unleash your DNA” was all about the key reasons businesses fail or aren’t growing and what to do about them.

Three particular areas that stood out for our business as we grow, are
- Talent (recruitment)
- Innovation (how can we evolve with the times)
- Strategy (how are we going to do what we need to do/what does it look like)

It was a fantastic day and talk, I met some amazing people and took away some great nuggets of information that I know will really help us, so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vistage.

One of the biggest take aways of the day came with a conversation about the WHY.  Why are we doing what we do, and in particular where do we want to be by 2020.  3 years from now.  We initially made an introduction to the rest of the table, sharing our turnover, number of employees and type of business.  Cre8 were the smallest business, by quite a considerable way.  Shortly after this came the moment to share our vision, where we’d be by 2020 and why we wanted to be there.

My vision, shared with the table, raised by far the biggest number of eyebrows. I actually thought one man’s eyebrows had just met his shoulder blades.  We have a long way to go and a lot to do that is for certain.  We had a lot more to do than anyone else on that table.  Do we believe we can do it? Yes we do.

We’ve worked really hard to refine our offering so that clients get real value from the packages we supply, we’ve put process and strategy and infrastructure in place.  We’re innovating, trying new things and changing how we work and how we describe ourselves.  We’ve worked on ourselves, our mindset, our business. We need talent to make this happen, we need to recruit some amazing people who will grow with us and benefit from our shared success.  But we believe that anything is possible, and if we aim for the vision, it may take us longer than we wish, it may throw some surprises our way, but we won’t give up because we’re loving the journey.

How using self belief can improve your sales and businessRaised eyebrows can actually be a good sign; a sign that you’re dreaming big enough, that you’re willing to go for it.  We have an opportunity to be unlimited in what we achieve, but it does require faith, and vision, and a great big dollop of self-belief, probably a bit of slight madness to add to the mix too.  Believe in yourself and whatever you want to achieve because anything really is possible.

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