How to Prevent Chimney Fires with the Latest Sweeping Equipment

About nine years ago, I received a telephone callHow to Prevent Chimney Fires with the Latest Sweeping Equipment 2 at  2am in the morning. The person on the other side of the line started straight away to ask me questions on how he could get a rod up a chimney when the chimney had a tight bend at its base. I was so taken aback with still half my mind in dreamland that l forgot to just put down the phone and tell my wife there was a ‘nutter’ on the phone. Instead I said why are you sweeping a chimney at this time in the morning?! Well, words to that effect.

At this point it might be a good idea if I told you l have been a professional chimney sweep for nearly twenty years now. Right, that being said, my question remained - what was this ‘nutter’ playing at? It transpired he was not a ‘nutter’ but a Fire Officer from Hillingdon Fire Service who had a chimney fire on his hands and their “chimney gear” would not go around a bend above the fire opening. So about twenty minutes later I turned up with my van of tools at this detached bungalow in Hillingdon. The fire service had water falling from the sky like a storm as the owner of the property had a side-line of buying and selling old pallets, oil drums, car parts and, I kid you not, the pallets were stacked to the same height as the chimney stack.  On entering the property, I came face to face with what the modern-day fire service use to put out chimney fires. (Find another related story of a chimney fire click here)

Link will take you to the Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service webpage to see how much the chimney gear gets used.

It takes on average around 8 minutes for the fire service to arrive at your property.   Then the time it takes for ladders and access equipment they may have to deploy just to be able to put water down your chimney flue if the chimney gear rods can’t get around a bend can be a massive undertaking. All the time the chimney fire could be getting more and more out of control.

HETAS - states (April) 2014 to (March) 2015 there were 5,171 chimney fires in England not including Wales and Scotland. With the number of HETAS Notifications of installations in England & Wales from October 2013 to September 2015 being 230,811 and chimney fires starting to be on the increase there had to be a better way to stop a chimney fire.

Yes, we are still on the something old but we are getting closer to the new.

Around four years ago, I was called to sweep a chimney in the late afternoon as there was a problem with smoke coming back into the room of the property that morning. They had let the fire go out and when I arrived I found out I was sweeping a chimney for a “ROCK STAR” - not one of the little ones with dreams of grandeur - but a full, around the world type of rock star.

Well, on placing my brush and rods up his chimney, so to speak, I felt something was wrong and on removing my brush which had melted I knew something was completely wrong. I asked the house keeper to call the Fire Service who arrived very quickly with the same chimney gear “stirrup pump” that was still unsuccessful in getting around a bend in the chimney. Sometime later after mechanical ladders were deployed water was making its way back down from the top of the chimney pot into the Rock Stars lounge. “Not a good look” but it did do the job and the fire service are amazing for protecting lives and homes. Then an infra-red camera was used to confirm the chimney fire was extinguished and the property was saved.

Right we are here now - The New.

How to Prevent Chimney Fires with the Latest Sweeping EquipmentAs we all know chimney sweeps are renowned as being lucky. My luck as it turned out was placing chimney fires into the search bar of YouTube and finding a product that has been fighting chimney fires in America for over forty years without using water. It is called ChimFex. From all I had seen from putting out chimney fires in the UK ChimFex made a ridiculous claim, stating when used correctly it would be able to put out a chimney fire in around 25 seconds without using water. After a lot of time and effort ChimFex, or as we now call it in Europe and the UK, ChimFire-Stop has landed in the UK and YES, if used correctly, it can put out a chimney fire in around 25 seconds without using water and all the damage associated with chimney fires.

ChimFire-Stop is a chimney fire extinguisher that has need putting out chimney fires in America for over forty years.  To truly understand what ChimFire-Stop can do when used correctly please look at this video link.

All testing certificates from the US and EU can be found at the bottom of that page.

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