How to Generate Business by Asking the Right Questions

How many times have you been to a sales meeting where the sales person talks more about them than they do about you?  How can we offer a solution for a customer if we are not asking the right questions?  Do your sales team have a process they follow for sales meetings, before, during and afterwards?  Today’s sales world is considerably different to that of even 10 years ago.  I’ve heard from a few business owners recently that their old lead generation methods just don’t work today.  Time to move with the times and do something differently; if sales is changing we need to change too. We need to be sure that

A) our teams have a process, that is thought out and addresses the customer’s journey and

B) that we go into sales meetings asking the right questions.

The questions sales people need to ask will vary from industry to industry, but essentially we are looking to find the customer’s problems, so we can offer them a solution. But, we don’t offer the solution straight away, we offer it later, once we have fully investigated the problem. Because buying is an emotional activity, we also need to find out how the problems impact our decision maker, how does it affect them personally. Dig as deep as is possible.

How to Generate Business by Asking the Right Questions 1We are asking our sales people not to sell essentially, not to sell immediately anyway, but to find, ask, question and investigate.  Otherwise we’re in danger of selling the wrong solution, not understanding the customer’s needs, and walking out empty handed.

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