How to Drive Sales by Making your E-Mails Effective

Cre8 were recently invited to attend a Black Country Chamber andHow to Drive Sales by Making your E-Mails Effective 1 Nat West boost event at Walsall Football Club, to give a talk on email marketing.  Email has long been part of Cre8’s sales strategy and is increasingly so for our clients, so we were very happy to share our experience and ideas with the 50 or so SME’s in the room.

To some extent people are desensitized to email, making it even more important that your emails are on point and effective.
The idea is to build readership, and to do this we need to show people what to expect and then deliver, regularly and consistently, on that expectation. How?  Well as with this newsletter, there are regular columns and articles that are always featured, so as a reader I come to know what I would like to read and therefore I open the newsletter.  We can do this with our own emails and newsletters by creating content that delivers month in month out what the reader expects to see.
People also want stories.  Who doesn’t love a good story? Nothing is more human than your story, your daily, monthly and life experiences.

These are what people want to read about, and they are where your content really comes alive and lets people get to know you. Being honest and authentic really are the best tools you’ve got.
Another important factor is to give information away.  Nobody wants to be sold to.  Admittedly there is a place for e-shots and special offers, deals of the day etc, but aside from that people want to be helped, to receive something by reading.  So think about your industry and what the customers need help with, what information can you share that delivers that?  If you can feature this and intend to help, you will build good open rates.

Building good open rates takes time and a good headline here and there (Google will supply you with an endless range of these), so some patience and consistency will pay dividends.  As will good images, photos of you and your team, events you’ve been to, and there’s also great resources for free images such as
If you’d like any more ideas or help please get in touch, it’s what we love to do.


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