How to develop success from failures

Oh yes it is! Oh no it isn’t! Oh yes it is! Sorry, I’m still in pantomime mode. Or is that your 2017 Is Going to Be Your Year!little voice inside, that demon that sits on your shoulder, asking who you are to think that you could have that success you want this year?

So, I decided to talk a bit about failures and mistakes. I know it’s traditional in January to talk about goals, and going for it and lots of positivity, and we shall be positive. But, it’s important to know that success takes mistakes, sometimes lots of them. It takes things to go wrong, and it takes learning – we tend not to learn as much when things go well as we do when we fail.  When we fail we have to stop, take stock, wonder why and learn the lesson.

And that is the important bit. To be learning all the time. The more mistakes you’re making, the more you are learning and progressing. If you are not making mistakes or failing then are you really trying to reach your fullest potential?  If we do the things we know we can do and know how to do on auto pilot, how will that take us forward?  We’ve tried many a thing at Cre8, some have worked and some haven’t.  We have made plenty of mistakes, some costly financially and some costly to our egos. But we don’t blame, we just accept.  Accept the lesson and what we’ll do differently next time, and then do it. You can’t make sales if you’re standing still.  Well, you can of course, but at some point it’s going to dry up.  The world is ever moving and changing and we have to be doing the same.

2017 Is Going to Be Your Year!2I heard this over the Christmas period, JK Rowling’s talk about failure, and found it tremendously inspiring. You can listen here if you’d like to. 3 minutes of inspiration. And also, in case you don’t believe me, you can read our blog here about how we very nearly gave up on our netwalking idea, just before it became quite successful! It really is true when they say that success is just around the corner! So here’s to a wonderful year for everyone in 2017 – with progress and success galore.

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