How to build Brand Awareness

When you go out networking, or to exhibit at a show, you know and expect not to sell to people Julia Smiththere and then.  Sometimes with our other sales and marketing activity we expect things to be different. That we will pick up the phone and someone will buy immediately, which can happen, of course.

The much likelier version of events is that you’ll make a call and the prospect may not have a need immediately, which leaves us needing to build a relationship, or our brand awareness, so that when the time is right, they come to us.

How do we do this?

We are consistent and persistent in our efforts, we have a plan that we operate day in day out, and we let go of getting immediate results. Of course, we do want to evaluate what is working and what isn’t, but we do need to give activities time to generate results.

Julia Smith Rome wasnt bulit in a day 2If you have a minimum of 5 routes to market – 5 ways of targeting and building an awareness with your prospect and you operate them consistently, they will all start to work hard for each other, and it is this long term approach that delivers long term results. If you are burning through calls to data and simply – metaphorically speaking - putting all the NO’s in the bin by doing nothing with them and taking no value from each call, you are eventually going to find your market a little sluggish – who are you going to target then? The longer term approach where you nurture your NO’s and add value on every call (think obtaining email addresses, connecting on LinkedIn, sending info – building your brand) then those NO’s will not be NO’s forever, therefore, nothing is ever wasted. In the longer term all of that work will bear fruit.  If you do nothing with it, it won’t.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, sales leads must be Roman.

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