Hot New Pizza Oven Fuel Launches

A brand new fuel for wood fired pizza ovens which burns longer, hotter and cleaner than traditional firewood is now available nationwide. Pizazz is an eco-friendly fuel made in the UK from 100% renewable Sweet Chestnut wood.

As a clean alternative to firewood, Pizazz briquettes have a 0.5 per cent ash residue which means less mess after burning and a low moisture content allowing them to produce a significantly higher level of heat without splintering or breaking during use. (Find out more about using wood as a fuel source)

Unlike similar products in the market, Pizazz briquettes are made in the UK from sawdust and chip from British forests. No additives are used in the process, Pizazz are formed naturally by using the lignin in the wood which when heated binds and seals the briquettes.

Hot new pizza oven 2The briquettes are clean and easy to handle with no splinters and don’t expand or crumble while burning making them one of the safest options on the market.

Hadrian's Pizza, a mobile wood-fired pizza company based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, trialled the Pizazz briquettes. Hadrian’s caters outdoor events, parties, weddings all over the north of England and southern Scotland.

Owner Dan Stephenson shared his thoughts: “Having a UK supplier of the product appealed to us and we found at our first event using the Pizazz briquettes that they burned hotter and for longer than hardwood firewood we have traditionally used.
“We found the briquettes heated the oven up faster than other products, so going from cold it took less time to reach cooking temperature, that’s another big plus.

“The extra heat they generated meant we were able to cook pizzas much quicker which really helped us keep up with demand. The pizzas we made using these briquettes were cooked perfectly in just ninety seconds and came out with a lovely crisp crust.

“We also found Pizazz briquettes produced minimal ash which made it quick and easy to clean up at the end of a service Hot new pizza oven 1was a lot easier and faster.”

Each Pizazz briquette is 30cm long and supplied in 14kg boxes, with a delivery lead time of just three days in mainland UK.

Eve Johnson, sales and marketing director at BSW Energy, manufacturers of Pizazz, said: “Wood burning pizza ovens have experienced a huge upsurge in popularity over the past few years. Whether it’s for use in a restaurant or at an event, Pizazz offers a top of the range fuel source that’s clean, long-lasting and safe without compromising on heat levels. As well as all these performance benefits, buyers can enjoy using the product knowing that it’s made from 100% renewable home-grown timber.”

Pizazz briquettes are available from BSW Energy contact us on 0800 5873147 to discuss setting up a trade account.

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