Harnessing wave power could be key to Endless Renewable Energy

Australian-based company Carnegie Wave Energy Ltd. is generating energy from a CETO 6 unit off the coast of Western Australia for the largest naval base, HMAS Stirling.

The system operates underwater and harnesses the power of ocean currents, effectively turning the ocean’s swell into electricity. It relies on a system of submerged buoys and pumps to convert the wave energy into power and, ultimately, fresh drinking water through a desalination process. Each CETO 6 unit has a specified, nominal 1 MW power capacity and transmits this power onshore via subsea cables. Additionally, this system actually encourages marine life and ecosystem health by acting as an artificial reef, making it an attractive environmental option for the future.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) stated that with proper government support and funding, this particular energy source can progress quite rapidly along the innovation chain and eventually become commercialized.

Wave energy is estimated to be powerful enough to supply more than the whole world’s current power consumption. Advancements in harnessing wave power could be the solution to the search for a consistent and powerful green energy source, given both its predictability and magnitude.

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