Government Renewable Energy Progress Off Track

Government consultation into reform of the Renewable Heat Incentive closes today, (27th April) REA responds to proposals that would lead to a 98 per cent fall in the deployment of biomass boilers by 2021, REA encourages government to support a wide range of renewable heat technologies in order to meet our urgent 2020 renewable energy targets. (Find out more about the Renewable Heat Incentive)

The UK’s largest renewable energy trade association has submitted to Government that if the changes proposed to the principal policy that supports the decarbonisation of the UK’s heat sector were to be enacted, the resulting collapse of the biomass heat industry would result in job losses and a significantly slowed rate of decarbonisation.

The response to the consultation on reforming the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), submitted today by the Renewable Energy Association (which covers power, transport and heat), outlines the UK’s already poor progress towards meeting its 2020 renewable energy targets and the benefits that supporting the wood heat industry bring, including to British forests which are more actively managed as a result.

International examples of decarbonising the heat sector were also highlighted in the response; biomass represents 89 per cent of the renewable heat in Europe.

Frank Aaskov, Policy Analyst at the Renewable Energy Association, said: “We need a range of technologies to decarbonise a range of properties. Rural locations for example with no access to a gas network cannot be left behind. Biomass boilers are“Reform” Risks Collapse as Government Renewable Energy Progress Off Track 1 low-cost, provide significant carbon savings compared to oil boilers, and support the growth of healthy British forests.
For many properties, biomass boilers are a pragmatic low-carbon alternative. They are used in diverse locations, such as at the National Trust property at Ickworth (Suffolk). It is distressing that the government’s proposals would shutter this growing industry and would have us rely instead on largely untested technologies.”

Details of the National Trust’s Ickworth biomass boiler and other renewable investments can be found here.


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#4349 Pete Turner on 2016-06-10

If this government arent careful they will kill off this industry before it has chance to build just as they have with solar pv and wind turbines. How come Germany manage to pay 3 times what our FiTs now pay and have been doing since the 70s? They are closing nuclear and ca-moron is wanting to build them-he MUST be getting a kickback no 2 ways about it

#4348 Kerry Walpole on 2016-06-08

With all this talk about renewable energy targets and incentives, when will a company make a small 5KW pellet ROOM HEATER that will fit in a normal sized fireplace that a large percentage of homes have, especially in rural areas.
We know there are large heaters out there, but are the manufacturers not missing the point. The majority of woodburners that are sold are below 5kw and are small. Lets have one that takes pellets too please! Kerry Walpole. Director,