Get off my chimney! African grey parrot defends its patch.

These incredible photos show an African grey parrot standing its ground as a pair of encroaching black crows threaten its perch on a suburban roof.

Get off my chimney 1The sequence of images, taken by Greg Caygill, show the lone parrot flapping its wings and chasing the black birds away as they try to move onto its patch in Hayle, Cornwall. In the first of the photos, the rare bird - traditionally native to Central Africa - is seen pestering the crows as they fly over the coveted chimney, hanging upside down from the television aerial and squawking to get their attention.

But when the crows turn on the parrot and start attacking it in a pincer movement, the parrot fiercely defends its territory, lunging towards the birds and frightening them off away from the roof. The parrot then flies back to the chimney and victoriously resets its perch.

Mr Caygill, 58, said: 'I was walking and I saw this African Get off my Chimney 2grey. He was defending its roof top. It looked like he was protecting his chimney pot. 'He was annoying the two crows that were flying by and pestering him. It's quite a rare bird - I heard him doing the old wolf whistle and I thought I'd better get the camera out the bag and get a shot. The crows came back to pester him quite few times. It was quite comical in a way.'

Mr Caygill said that he has seen the parrot since he got a snap of it last week and he believes it to belong to someone in the town.

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