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From 2012 to 2015 i was working with Orihuela University in Alicante region of Spain, studying a Future Fuels 1variety of plants and products for the replacement of fossil fuels and wood. Northern Spain has thousands of hectares of forest land, mainly Pine which are being cut at an alarming rate and most not being FSC are not being re-planted. They also grow a lot of Eucalyptus for the paper industry.

Our mission was to find products that are sustainable and good for the environment so we planted Miscanthus, Arundo Donax, Phragmites Australis and hemp. All crops grew well on good soil but some needed more water than others, some grew well on marginal land while others struggled. Miscanthus takes a lot of water to grow properly but can be cut 2 to 3 times a year, has a good calorific value but proved to be a nightmare to process-being a grass we lost a lot of weight during drying and it gave off a lot of dust during processing. Arundo was easier to process but in order to keep ash content down you must remove its leaves, these fall naturally each Autumn which provides a fertiliser rich in nutrients to keep the next plants going and thriving during the winter, it was ok to process as being a woody cane it chopped up well. Phragmites was useless, sadly, as it was hard to remove all its leaves-with leaves its ash content was 11%, way too high for most applications, it also contained a lot of chemicals, it did however prove to be an excellent water filter.

Future Fuels 2Hemp proved to be by far the best plant to grow in all ways, it is happy to grow on marginal land, adding nutrients to the soil rather than removing them, fast growing you can get upto 4 crops a year, high yields making it the most cost effective plant for farmers to grow and giving them a better return on investment. It has a very high calorific value when dried and it adds oxygen into the atmosphere at a much higher rate than the other plants tested, all in all hemp is a world beater.

At Grofuel we are working with wood pellets at present but later in the year we will be introducing a new product that has a much higher calorific value then wood, burns longer and costs much less, sadly production of this product is not massive as yet so it will be sold on a first come first served basis, this product at present is only good for non RHI installations but we are hoping that we can get it registered for RHI shortly.

We also now stock a full range of superb quality all Italian designed and made burners and boiler systems, small slim boilers and wall mounted burners, all with no non Italian parts in them and all at prices that means an installer will be able to make a very good profit- prices start from £550 + Vat, we also stock all the flue pipes, brackets etc that you will ever need again at superb prices. Our new website is under construction and should be ready in the next few days, please keep an eye on grofuel and ask about our wholesale prices specifically for installers. All products are Hetas registered (being done now 21/4/16). We are very proud to be sole importers of the Northterm and Eva Calor ranges.


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