Fluecube chimney cowl's End User Benefits.

The FlueCube improves stove burning efficiency, stops downdraft and reduces carbon. It does Fluecube Chimney Cowl's End user benefits 1this by creating a positive draw through the flue system stabilizing the burn within the stove and thus enabling the stove to perform (burn) at much greater efficiency consuming a larger amount of carbon than would previously be possible. The FlueCube also enables stoves to be installed in areas of low pressure and thermal disturbance (normally restrictive for stoves). The FlueCube also solves problems routinely occurring with short chimneys, for example on Bungalows, conservatories and single story extensions and work spaces.

Fluecube Chimney cowl's end user benefits 2

The table shows  test results how the positive draw the FlueCube achieves enabled a stove to reach, 15 Pascal at 100 centigrade whereas without a FlueCube the stove only reached, 9 Pascal.
Fluecube Chimney Cowls End User Benefits 3It you want to know more call Ashley on 01580 715870 or go to www.fluecube.co.uk

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