Flue Cube at Hearth and Home 2016

FlueCube exhibited at the Hearth and Home Show in June this year and demonstrated their new Flue Cube at Hearth and Home 2016smaller FlueCube, it is the same dimensions as the original 300mm by 300mm but the height has reduced to 300mm so it really is a cube. The other added feature was a rain collar underneath the rain plate to keep rain away from the flue.

Flue Cube at Hearth and Home 2016 2They also demonstrated some test results showing how the positive draw the FlueCube enabled a stove to reach, 15 Pascal at 100 centigrade where without a FlueCube the stove only reached, 9 Pascal. This positive draw is one of the reasons the FlueCube has become so popular amongst sweeps and installers for short chimney’s, solving those downdraft problems. (Find out more about the Fluecube. Click Here)

Ashley Martin MD of FlueCube said this is our 5th year and it is really rewarding to hear the feedback from the industry on how the FlueCube had solved problems and improved stoves efficiency.

It you want to know more call Ashley on 01580 715870 or go to www.fluecube.co.uk


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#4359 Bev Meyers on 2016-12-14

Wondering if the flue cube can be purchased in the United States anywhere??