Easy-Peasy Pellets – Why Everyone Loves a Cola Pellet Stove.

Everyone loves the comfort of a wood-burning fire but no-one’s too keen on dealing with the hassle that goes with it. That’s just one of the reasons why the range of pellet stoves from Italian manufacturer Cola Stoves are proving so popular and now they are available in the UK. Ease of use and controllability are two of the criteria that rank highest with potential customers when considering the purchase of a stove and if they can get that as well as a wide range of designs to choose from that make a stylish decorative addition to their home – well, it’s an easy decision to make.

Easy Peasy Pellets 1The beauty of a pellet stove is that it can be turned on and off instantly which allows for the most efficient use of what is already a highly energy efficient and sustainable source of heat. All of Cola Stoves air and hydro stoves and removable inserts can be operated using the Darwin Communication App so there’s never any need to waste heat for a home that is unexpectedly empty. The App can be used to programme up to four lightings and shutdowns a day for one week, adjust the temperature and fan speed and check the status of the unit in real time. “Easy” is important these days – an appliance that requires too much effort to operate and maintain will lose its appeal despite being eco-friendly and an object of desire. Cola Stoves are quick to install, simple and safe to operate, easy to clean and demand minimal maintenance. If running continuously, the stove would need refilling once a day but otherwise once or twice a week is usually sufficient. With automatic ignition and no close contact with the live flame, pellet stoves are also a safe option for families.

Easy Peasy Pellets 2As opposed to wood, pellets don’t need a large storage area and consequently more and more people are realising a pellet stove is a possibility for their homes after all. Increasing numbers of garden centres and DIY stores are selling manageable bags of pellets and because they have a low moisture content and don’t need to dry out they can be stored pretty much anywhere. Versatility is another key driver in the success of Cola pellet stoves. They make the ideal heating solution for a room or outbuilding that is unsuitable for central heating, for example a conservatory, summer house or converted garage, because they are standalone appliances that work independently of the existing heating system of the property.

The ongoing development of the technology of pellet stoves means that this is a growth sector of the heating market and will continue to appeal to more and more homeowners who are both concerned about the environment and keen to keep up with latest trends in interior design. Cola Stoves UK is the new UK division of the original Italian company Cola that has been developing the technology behind pellet stoves since 1963. Cola Stoves UK is now established in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, where a range of stoves is on display, including fully working models.



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