"Draftbooster" Chimney Fan Wins ‘Product of the Year’ 2016

The latest innovation in chimney fans is the ‘Draftbooster’. The Draftbooster has been designed to "Draftbooster’ Award Winning ‘Product Of The Year’ 2016enable the easy lighting of the wood burning stove overcoming the draught issues that problematic chimneys and flues sometimes have in natural draught ignition situations. One size fits all 100mm/4” through to 220mm/9”, chimney pot, brick stack or metal flue and the design build means that there is no need to go through any calculation process. It has a standard 3 pin ‘plug and play’ with start/stop (as one speed) remote control. The Draftbooster enables easy lighting, better combustion and less smoke spillage in the room when refuelling the wood burning stove. It is most pleasing to report that the Draftbooster recently received the award for Product of the Year 2016’ in the category ‘Flueing and Ventilation’. (Find out more about Chimneys & Flue visit the fireplace.co.uk "Knowledge Hub")

Draftbooster Award Winning Product of the year"Draftbooster’ Award Winning ‘Product Of The Year’ 2016

•    Easier lighting and refuelling without smoke in the living area
•    The plug-and-play chimney fan
•    Faster heating
•    Better combustion

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