Chimney Sweep Training and Sweep of the Month Update

As I sit here rushing to write my Sweep Diary for all you lovely readers, I actually chimney sweep training and sweep of the month update 2have a long long list of jobs I should probably be doing instead, but hey, I am sure they can and will wait a little while longer!

What is fondly known as ‘’Silly season’’ by us Chimney Sweeps is now well and truly under way.

As the nights start to draw in and there becomes a chill in the air, what seems like the whole world think to themselves; ‘‘uh!... we really should get the chimney sweep booked in ‘early!!!’ in preparation of using the fire again’’…And the phone just does not stop ringing.

We are currently booking in November appointments, but of course almost every customer who gets in contact would like us to pop by next Tuesday… not Tuesday in 8 weeks’ time! But after their quite surprised reaction they do book in.

But it is the same every year and we are more than used to it by now and Sarah our still new-ish receptionist is coping fantastically, but it does seem no matter how much pre-season preparation we do to try and get customers booked in that little bit earlier, we still end up rushed off our feet.

But we can’t complain and of course it is much better to be busy than not.

In amongst all the fully booked days for chimney sweeping, at the end of last month I had set aside and pre-booked ’OFF’ a whole 2 days! What at treat?

These days were especially reserved for my venture down to The NACS training centre to attend my HETAS H009 Service and Maintenance course.  

It has been quite some time since I undertook my original HETAS Training and now with the 5 year refreshers coming into affect it was time for me to refresh and maintain my HETAS Approved Chimney Sweep status that I have come to know and love.

I am exceedingly pleased and relived to be able to say I passed! Whoop.

It was an action packed and massively informative few days down at The NACS Training Centre where the Surefire team operate and run the HETAS courses from, as well as at the Surefire training centre in Ripley. As with other additional courses I have undertaken I learnt loads! Although the course was a little different than I had anticipated, I came away with a much greater understanding of many of the key parts of building document J that I had previously not been 100% on including certain aspects that we do come in to contact with regularly such as ventilation and Ventilation calculation!!! distance to combustibles and the importance of both manufacturers instructions and chimney hearth data plates and of course much, much more, but I won’t go crazy on all the details… you will have to take the course yourself for that.

It also clarified how many non-compliant installations I/we come across day to day, Sigh! But I now feel more confident in being able to supply our customers with the exact regs and information to help keep them fully informed and most importantly safe.

Sweep fans will have noticed that in last month’s newsletter the usual ’Sweep of the Month’ clip I put together was missing! Dun dun dunnnn!

I am really gutted that… (From what I understand…and this may not be the full technical lingo) the host software had been updated and now unfortunately will no longer support the clip. Sad times. So after featuring a whole 12 Sweeps and just as Sweep of the month feature was to be celebrating its 1st Birthday it has been halted, hopefully only momentarily and in time technical ‘me-whatsits’ will be able to be rectified and may well return as a feature another day?

Massive Thank you to… Anthony Spanton, Chris Geeves, Joel Rushton, Michael Hazon, Emma Roddy, Adam Smith, Alan Nightingale, Tony Preston, Joanathan Miles, Paul Stephens, Penny Poppins and last but not least, who didn’t even get an official feature due the aforementioned technical issues Mr Tom Griffith (Sorry Tom).

You were all truly wonderful, a thank you from me for your time, effort and pictures that made it such a great feature. For anyone who missed these super sweeps can re visit them via the link to my website along with all newsletters at
So in other recent exciting chimney news… In brief.

-The National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) are now up and running online with their official NACS Member Facebook forum. This Has got off to a great start and already proving a brilliant resource for NACS Members who are part of the Facebook generation, All NACS Members welcome.Chimney Sweep trainng and sweep of the month update 1

-The annual world-famous Santa Maria Maggiore International Chimney Sweep festival was held in Italy at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, I have still not made it there, but the sweeps we know who did attend looked to have had the most amazing time. Hopefully we will make it next year (fingers crossed).

-Last week was Chimney Fire Safety week. 4th – 10th September. Helping to raise awareness about the very real danger of chimney fires and how people can take steps to help prevent this happening.

- Finally, a little closer to home (for me at least), Jen our new trainee chimney sweep has officially started full time. Jen is doing fantastically well, working hard and lending a very welcome helping hand whilst starting to learn the skills and knowledge that makes up the many parts of being a professional chimney sweep.

Ok! I best go and do some other pressing sweep related jobs, then eat, sleep and repeat.

Wishing everyone within our industry a wonderful and prosperous busy/silly season and happy sweeping to all our sweep friends.

 For more information about chimney sweep training courses click here


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