Cat Trapped for One Week After it Runs up Chimney!

An animal rescue charity has praised firefighters who saved a cat which ran up a chimney, escaped into a hole and became trapped under floorboards for a week.

Eighteen-month-old Marilyn, a black and white domestic short hair, had gone missing from her Wigston foster home on Sunday, July 17 - just one day after she had arrived. Marilyn was in foster care after being rescued, by the charity Furever Friends, from a family who could not look after her. Michaela Crampsie, who runs Furever Friends, said: "She was so frightened she managed to get stuck up the chimney."

Cat trapped for one week after it runs up chimney1"She was a very, very nervous cat. She had recently had kittens and was in a very neglected state when we got hold of her." When Marilyn went missing, the foster carers suspected the chimney might be involved as there were traces of fur on the fireplace. But - after taking advice from RSPCA and not hearing any noises from up the chimney - they feared Marilyn might have run up the chimney, straight out the top and away.

"Nobody could find her or hear her - we could only think she had got out," said Michaela. One week later, on Sunday, Marilyn's foster carer heard her miaowing, realised she was trapped and called the fire service for help to rescue the distressed animal.

Michaela said: "The fire brigade were amazing. They were not stopping until they found her. "They were there in 20 minutes. She had not eaten or drank for a week, so they were keen to get her out. They got on to the roof and put cameras down the chimney, but they did not find her. Then they went into the living room to take apart the chimney breast. Then they started taking up floor boards."

Cat trapped for one week after it runs up chimney 2She said firefighters found her on the opposite side of the house to where the chimney was, under floorboards on the first floor. "The firefighters were absolutely amazing - they absolutely saved her life," said Marilyn. One crew from Wigston station and a technical rescue crew from the city's Southern station attended the scene. A fire service spokesman said: "A thermal image camera and snake eye camera from technical rescue were used to investigate chimney area." He added that the chimney was then searched from ground floor, but the cat was not found and they continued to search from roof level.

The cat was found at about 1.20pm under the first floor floorboards and brought out safely by crews. Marilyn is now safe, but as her foster carer's house is still in a state of disruption after the search, she has been taken elsewhere for rehabilitation. For information about how you can help Marilyn or other animals rescued by the charity, visit: always recommends regular maintenance of your chimney. Find a local chimney sweep in your area click here.

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