Calling Chimney Sweeps!

We’re looking for fit sweeps. I mean, sweep fitters. We make draught excluders for chimneys Calling all Chimney Sweeps 1made of felted sheep wool. They prevent around 4% of household heat loss (when the fire isn’t lit). Customers who have them fitted report an immediate reduction in cold draughts, reduction in wind noise, and increased comfort in their homes. Other benefits include preventing wildlife from getting in down the chimney, and stopping debris from falling down the chimney onto the hearth. Because the Chimney Sheep® is made of sheep wool, it can absorb a certain amount of water coming down the chimney, and as it’s breathable as soon as it stops raining the wool dries out again without any loss of performance. It can be put in and out of the chimney hundreds of times and is quick and easy to use. As you can see there are plenty of reasons for fitting a Chimney Sheep®.

Having an open chimney is like leaving a window open all the time, but most people are unaware of the problem. The insulation industry hardly mentions it. When we tell people that the cold draughts they are feeling is probably cold air being pulled in from around doors and windows to replace the warm air escaping up the chimney, then they can immediately see the need for a Chimney Sheep®. There’s just one problem. A lot of people are (quite understandably) reluctant to stick their heads up their chimney. Although the felt is compressible and will fit a range of different flue shapes and sizes, they need an idea of the dimensions of the chimney opening in order to select the correct size Chimney Sheep®. Chimneys vary such a lot that it just isn’t possible to have a one-size-fits-all product.

Chimney sweeps are ideally placed to measure and fit Chimney Sheeps for customers. We’re offering trade discount on our retail price – but this would mean measuring the chimney, ordering the product, and returning to fit it. Alternatively, we’re doing “sweeps’ packs” – a selection of our most popular sizes at wholesale price, that can be carried in the van and be on hand if a customer wants a Chimney Sheep®. We can supply leaflets for customers who need more information, and can even put contact details on our stockist map so people selecting a ‘Sheep online can see where their nearest fitter is.

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