An English Man’s Home Once upon a Time was His [fracking] Castle

This month I’m a little stuck on what to write about. I don’t possess the energy or inclination to harp onAn English Mans Home - Peter Turner about Europe or this Governments drive for nuclear energy as the aftermath of Fukushima recedes from our individual and collective memory but I do want to discuss "fracking", briefly, and the lies around it to convince us to accept it.

I keep reading in the press that fracking will give us cheap energy and secondly that it will give us energy security. The latter no matter how hard I try similar to the conundrum of whether or not penguins have knees I can’t get my head around when the nuclear plants are going to be French or Chinese financed and owned…please explain. For those of you who remember the 1970s you will remember the then Government saying the same about North Sea oil which we all know now was complete cods wallop, we still

An English Mans Home - Process of Frackinghave the most expensive energy and fuel in Europe and with Mr Ca-moron promising the French and Chinese 300% higher tariffs for the nuclear power we are still going to be in the same boat with or without fracking. In additions we will have the expensive burden of cleaning up any and all problems from this invasive practice while the companies involved just carry on poisoning our water supplies and ruining our countryside- hell this government even changed the law to stop you and I from preventing these companies from drilling under our houses to the point where  you no longer own the land under your property.  John Locke must be spinning in his grave. So please tell Whitehall to Frack OFF before it’s too late.


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