Achieving Success through Leadership and Teamwork

Working as a team has been on my mind recently, since we are currently Achieving Success through Leadership and Teamwork 1trying to grow ours. I came across this blog about hiring sales people that has some helpful ideas about recuiting good sales people, a challenge I am sure many of us face. Check it out click here.

And I’ve been considering the age old debate of nature v nurture; can we recruit people with the right attitude and help them develop into the kind of people we want to work with, who can help our clients grow their business?

Both of my boys play football, are passionate about the game, and winning of course. Both have flourished in teams where the coaching style is positive and encouraging and both have floundered where negative feedback was the norm.  Psychologists say that for a person to reach their highest potential they must be held in consistently high regard.  At Cre8 we are real advocates of treating everyone well, kindly and honestly, and acting with integrity at all times.  We love the quote that people learn from your example, not your opinion; we Achieving Success through Leadership and Teamwork 2may not always get it right but we try to and are always learning from our mistakes. Great leadership has to be demonstrating who we want our teams to be by living it ourselves, consistently, day in, day out. We’re a work in progress and no doubt have a lot to learn on this leg of our business journey.

So the carrot or the stick? Which one works for you?

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