A Story Around The Campfire

Verona, February 2016 - In the prestigious setting of Palazzo Verità Poeta i on theEdilkamin Logo 24 to 26 February 2016, EDILKAMIN presentented their new products of wood and pellet stoves, furnaces and boilers, along with the launch of the new  KITCHEN KAMIN Collection, which is an extension of the wide range of products manufactured by Edilkamin.

A story around the campfire 1For over fifty years Edilkamin, have manufactured an extensive range of stylish and technically efficient stoves, fireplaces and boilers - wood, pellets and multi fuel- for the Italian and international market. Products have  evolved over time, investing in resources and technical knowledge, using advanced construction methods, enabling the company to offer excellent products for performance and environmental sustainability.

Building on this background, Edilkamin expands its offering by introducing stylish cookers for todays modern kitchens using 'economic' wood. A Natural passage that evokes an  ancient atmosphere but with the technical avantages and build quality of today and the future incorporating contemporary design’s.

The cookers’ embody the values of tradition and family life which is more and more sought after at a time when social and cultural changes are forever evolving. The desire to recognise and give justice to the images and symbols of our own history and chosen lifestyle has never been stronger and influences  our  housing choices as we seek to transform the home into a cozy retreat.

Edilkamin combines its technological expertise, design and production philosophy to ensure great aesthetics and safe products, where no detail is overlooked in the testing, verification and certification whilst retaining a focus on environmental sustainability.

The Beauty of the Heat

Edilkamin  fireplaces, boilers, and stoves are designed to A story around the campfire 2ensure clean combustion, lower emissions whilst returning an excellent thermal performance.

The 2016 catalogue offers a range of choices for the production of hot air and  hot water  heating systems, such as the Nara, Blade, Tally or for example the charming hearth Screen Up, and the Pellkamin 12.

The stoves and fireplaces are designed to heat one or more rooms through special ducts and work with wood or pellets or - even - with both fuels with the ability to switch from one to the other, automatically. The production of hot water of the stoves and boilers is designed to send water to the radiators or underfloor heating. There are special kits to ensure the production of domestic hot water for kitchens and bathrooms offers a comprehensive, sustainable and economical heat source.

Along with wood and pellets, we also offer the possibility of using granular fuels such as peanut oil, cherry, almond shells and hazelnut. Our  beautiful design does not stop at the stove or the fireplace, but extends to the whole of our cooker collection  ensuring the creation of a stylish and comfortable everyday ambient home.

Finally, in line with technological developments and with an iA story around the campfire 5ncreasing rationale of energy management, performance and sustainablity EDILKAMIN has created, an application that allows you to manage in an intuitive, simple and fast way,  sending an SMS to the stove, heating stove, fireplace, fireplace stove or pellet boiler. This allows you to turn your chosen appliance  on or off, set the operation, the power, the ambient temprature and water temperature easily and immediately all controlled remotely from any location within and away from the home.

All Edilkamin products are CE marked according to European product standards and have met the required standards of several additional certifications.


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