A little thank you goes a long way…

So at this time of year in my house we are wrapping lots of presents and writing lots A little thank you goes a long way 1of cards - thank you’s to teachers who have supported us and taught the boys over the last academic year. Why do thank you’s mean so much and does it really make a difference to say thank you?

Think of all the times someone has let you cross the road, waving you over, and you’ve raised your hand to thank them. It is a simple and yet quite sublime moment of connection with a stranger, someone who’s been kind and been acknowledged, and these moments are incredibly powerful. We would do well to recreate as many of these moments of connection in our business interactions as is possible to do and here are some ways you can.

Send cards. If someone does something to help you, send them a card in the post. How would you feel if someone did that for you?  Pretty darn good I reckon! If you received a thank you card from someone, would you want to help them again?  I think that’s a resounding yes :)

A little thank you goes a long way 2Mention them in your newsletter. If you send out a regular newsletter this is a powerful way to make public your thanks, again igniting that moment of connection when your “thankee” reads your words. Lovely stuff.

Connect them with someone who can help them.  Doing something nice for someone who has helped you is a great way to say thanks.  We all love helping, and this is a great way of doing so. You could also do other nice things, like writing them a testimonial if appropriate, giving them some feedback to help them, offering something that will make a difference to them.

Give them your time. Life is busy, we rush around, we’re doing , doing, .doing.  Stop, take some moments, be with the person who has helped you.  Giving your time, whether it’s a meeting, a coffee, a call, doesn’t matter.  In giving your time you are sending a powerful message that they are important to you and you have time for them.  That’s not much that’s more meaningful.A little thank you goes a long way 3

Thank you’s are a little bit of magic in a busy world.  The magic of small things. We can often be on the receiving end of small kindnesses, very often in fact, and in business it’s easy to rush through them unnoticed.  Taking the time to notice and respond with thanks is a great way of building powerful and lasting relationships. On which note, thanks for reading!

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