Why Choose Gas for your Fires and Stoves

With a host of new products to suit every property and with consumers looking to save on energy bills, there has never been a better time to choose gas.

Why choose Gas for your Fires and Stoves.

The real question is why not? The fireplace is the heart of a home, where warmth and comfort are provided, memories are made, stories are told and stockings are hung.

Here are 8 reasons to "go gas" when choosing your centrepiece;

Appealing and efficient
Modern gas fires are unbeatable when it comes to aesthetics, they offer consistent warmth and comfort, providing the perfect centrepiece for any home, and thanks to the latest technology, their realistic flame effect comes with heat efficiencies of up to 89 % and heat outputs of up to 6.0kW.

Keep your costs low
Not only do they keep you warm on the inside and out, high efficiency gas fires are approximately 50% cheaper to run than their electric counterparts.

For those homes trapped in fuel poverty, the low running costs provided by a high efficiency gas fire is a welcome relief. Households can benefit from all the warmth and the comfort of a gas fire without having to worry about excessive bills.

Reduce your carbon footprint
Natural gas is kinder to the environment with gas emitting 0.216 kg of CO2 per kWh, and electricity emitting 0.519 kg of CO2 per kINh. By using gas you will reduce your emissions by almost half. You can also use a gas fire to heat a single room, therefore further reducing the cost of a cosy night in. And remember that the controllability of gas allows you to adjust the heat output with ease. 21 million homes in Britain are heated by mains gas (83 per cent of all homes). Equipping your home with at least one secondary source of heat: in the main living area could drastically cut your heating bills and lower your emissions.

• Gas is here to stay Gas enables us to keep energy costs low and reduce emissions; with 89% of UK households currently being heated by gas and a well trusted and valuable grid network, the future is one where gas will remain part of the energy tapestry of the future.

• The choice is yours from insets to outsets, living flame to radiant gas fire, traditional to contemporary. Landscape to stove. the choice of aspirational gas fires is endless.

Combined with their convenience. Ultimate flame realism and high heat output, today's gas fires provide affordable warmth and a stunning centrepiece for any room.

Whether you have a chimney or not. there is a gas fire option available.

More than 11 Million homes in the UK are 'gas fire ready' with a chimney and gas point. and millions more have the ability to place a fire on an outside wall, which is all you need for balanced and powered flue gas fires.

Modern gas fires are fitted with oxygen depletion sensors as standard. the sensors detect when oxygen in the room falls below a specified level, and automatically turns the gas fire off, protecting the homeowner from the effects of carbon monoxide. The sensors are part of the fires internal mechanism and do not require battery replacement.

Clean and convenient
Gas is clean and convenient with no ash residue to dispose of and no odours. The majority of gas fires do not require mains electricity as they use piezo ignition or battery operated controls. They are never subject to disrupted electrical power supplies and with no ash to clear up or complex electronics to worry about maintenance is minimal. As with cars today, gas fire manufacturers offer extended warranties but you must ensure that your appliance is serviced at the recommended service intervals and genuine manufacturers parts are used.

Using your gas fire is as easy as 1, 2, 3;
1, Turn it on;
2, Sit down;
3, Relax and watch the mesmerising flames of your fire. With models now boasting remote controls and thermostatic controls it has never been easier to create the perfect warming heart of a home.

The elderly also benefit from the heat of a gas fire. During recent freezing winters, it is reassuring to know that you can rely on a gas fire. Even if your boiler breaks down you can stay safe and comfortable.

With a host of new products to suit every property and with consumers looking to save on energy bills, there has never been a better time to choose gas.

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