Using Gas Ceramic effect Fuels and Thermal Discoluration Using Gas Ceramic effect Fuels and Thermal Discoluration

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Using Gas Ceramic effect Fuels in a Matt Black, or Polished and Highlighted,Cast Iron Fireplace or Insert.   

The following advice is given to help you maintain and keep your cast iron fireplace performing and looking its best and should be read in conjunction with the following links, depending, on the chosen finish of your cast iron fireplace or insert.

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Ceramic Fuels and Thermal Discolouration

When using a ceramic fuel with gas effect fires such as logs, coals, crystalight or pebble fuel beds try and make sure they do not come into contact with any of the polished surfaces of your fireplace. This will help minimise any thermal discolouration to the fire box and grate. To some extent thermal discoloration is inevitable and unavoidable with use although with a gas effect fire bed this will be more gradual than with a solid fuel fire bed. Specialist high temperature paint is used on the black and graphite surfaces where the fire burns and this when exposed to high temperatures will eventually discolour and burn away leaving the area susceptible to rusting.  Propriety high temperature paint is available to purchase from fireplace retailers, builder’s merchants, and DIY sheds or on-line and should be used to re-coat and protect these areas.Traditionally a black graphite polish would be used to protect these areas. 

A gas fire is a highly technical piece of equipment and like a gas boiler should be serviced annually and regularly maintained by a Gas Safe approved and registered technician.  


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