UK gales renewables generation spike especially in Scotland

Business Green reports that gale force winds on Tuesday (31 March) delivered a record boost for UK renewables, with just over 209 gigawatt hours (GWh) was generated by wind farms across Britain - equal to 23% of the UK's electricity needs. Wind turbines supplied enough power for 210% of Scottish homes, the figures from Renewables UK showed.

Numbers crunched by WWF and covered by The National show that Scotland’s wind energy output has jumped by 16% since this time last year.

In related news, Aberbeen-based Ecosse Subsea Systems has said oil and gas business has slowed following the fall in the price of crude but work in the renewables sector has been compensating, according to the Herald Scotland. And a YouGov poll showed about 79% of Scots says the next UK government should adopt policies that back the continued development of renewable energy.

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